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When culture influences and strongly characterizes an artistic sector, new styles are born which, although belonging to the macro category of textile art, quilting and fiber art, are partially separated, presenting peculiar characteristics. Here, we will talk about how some cultures have strongly influenced certain areas of textile art giving life to new stylistic forms.

“As I have done in recent years, contributing to the School with the weekly meetings of the “quilt bla bla”, telling stories and proposing the old and the modern together with current events, I will continue on this path by collaborating with Arte Morbida magazine. My gallery of stories, characters, articles on this world and everything connected to it will be enriched and I hope you continue to like it.”

Working in a series

If you are looking for innovative tools for your work, here we will talk about technologies at the service of textile art, such as the use of lasers to cut fabrics. But not only! Technology, the web, influence our lives but sometimes, if we know how to make good use, they simplify our work: many tips on using social media to advertise, sell their work, to collect materials, store ideas … and a lot other.