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2018 Chaozhou International Embroidery Art Biennale

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2018 Chaozhou International Embroidery Art Biennale (Biennale for short) was held in Chaozhou on December 20th, 2018. It was the first national embroidery art biennale in China and the first international embroidery art biennale in the world.

It is the first professional biennale about embroidery in the world, also a masterpiece gathering of traditional embroidery craftsmanship from all over the world, showcasing a cultural exchange with embroidery as the carrier. It is also a platform for the embroidery artists at home and abroad to get together and communicate with each other.

The Biennale features three topics: “Life & Fashion”, “Inheritance & Rejuvenation”, and “Integration & Transcendence”, exhibiting a total of 249 works from 13 countries and regions, including China, Japan, South Korea, Georgia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Canada, and the United States. The works well illustrated the theme of “Embroidery and Contemporary Life”, showing the infinite charm of embroidery art with rich characteristics of the times, and exploring the ways and paths of traditional skills into contemporary life.

Traditional hand-embroidering techniques have a long history, rich and colorful. As an important part of traditional culture, traditional crafts carry the most extensive and basic emotions and life of all ethnic groups. With the expansion of China’s opening up to the outside world and the deepening of international cultural exchanges and cooperation, the exchange of Chinese embroidery and embroidery culture and skills from all over the world has shown a trend of mutual learning and mutual improvement.

Li Dingqi, the chief curator, said: “The bottleneck in the development of many intangible cultural heritage industries lies in the lack of design capabilities of practitioners and insufficient innovation capabilities.” He hopes that through this platform, the exchanges between Chinese and foreign artists will inspire the Chinese practitioners to activate their imagination and creativity. “Many of the works exhibited in the Biennial won the final selection are not because of its technique, but the creativity. The artistic value of such works cannot be estimated. Some masters also sent us very wonderful works; however, the base pictures they used are not authorized by the original author. Therefore, the reviewers could not have the works left for exhibition. He said that there are many embroidery authors who cannot make their own works because of their lack of innovative ability, plus the poor awareness of intellectual property right, greatly restricting the further development of embroidery. He hopes that the masters and practitioners will further advance their innovative thinking and intellectual property awareness through the Biennale.

One of the foreign artists invited to participate with their works is Stewart Kelly

Emanuela D'Amico

English version Mi sono avvicinata al quilting nel 1992, da allora ho frequentato diversi corsi in Italia e negli USA per approfondire le tecniche del patchwork, passando dai disegni tradizionali o geometrici alle tecniche artistiche con cui posso esprimere la mia creatività. Insegno le tecniche base e avanzate dal 1998. Ho fondato la Scuola Romana Quilting nel 2015: e dal 2014 organizzo a Roma la mostra di ArtQuilting: ArteMorbida. A partire dal 2018, con la collaborazione di Maria Rosaria Roseo e altre colleghe/amiche abbiamo iniziato la pubblicazione di ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine. Oggi ArteMorbida è anche, finalmente, una rivista cartacea. Parola d’ordine: Divulgazione!