Italiano (Italian)

Alicia Merrett is an all-round artist: photographer, doll maker, quilter since 1999.

Like quilters, her works are saturated with colour and meaning.

She uses fabrics and threads as a means of expressing concepts.

Alicia says of herself: “A few years ago I discovered the potential of maps and aerial views as sources for textile work, and since then I have focused on the interpretation of the latter.  I believe that maps are an ancient and important part of man’s need to interpret and understand the world.

I also work on other topics:

ancient texts and texts; lines and colours; cauldrons and skillets; printing on fabric; cosmology and quantum physics. Magic and science is the theme of my last series”.

(see biography on his website).

Here we want to mention her  just  for the MAPS  that are still a significant part of her production:

Alicia represents views from above, many maps are colorful reproductions of aerial photographs, others are conceptual representations of the state of the Earth.

Observing her works, one feels suspended in the air, hovering above a strip of land drawn with a needle and thread…astronauts looking out from a porthole in contemplation of a magical land…

Visit her website to check out these sensations!

you will find her at the following web address:

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