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XS PROJECT, the new project curated by Barbara Pavan for ArteMorbida comprises seventy textile artworks of 30×30 cm. This size becomes the basic module of a large installation extended over two walls: the X and the S wall, visible at the magazine’s booth at BAF, Bergamo Arte Fiera on 13-14-15 of January.

ArteMorbida’s mission for many years has been to promote and disseminate the languages of contemporary textiles and fibre arts; the XS project is meant to gather and display fibre and textile arts’ evolution to the Italian and international audience.


XS project started with a call for projects dedicated to artists supporters of our magazine who, like us, are passionate about the ‘soft side’ of Art. The aim was to select and present a vast range of works from international artists of different generational backgrounds and age groups to the Italian public, raising a reflection on the underlying dynamics that define and promote artistic research and thus creating a new and young basin of collectors.

Natural and synthetic yarn, unusual material worked upon with traditional techniques and non-woven textiles’ strata of fibres; the elegant interweaving of warp and weft and old laces, along with material research and cutting-edge innovation. The extended use of recycled and sustainable fibres and repurposed materials acknowledge fibre artists’ deep concern towards environmental issues and sustainability that the flexible nature of this medium encourages.

On display, in an immersive mosaic of colours and tactile suggestions, you’ll find the most current topics and questions of contemporary textile and fibre art brought forward by artists presently writing this movement’s history worldwide.

CLARA LUISELLI, Tentativi3030

Alongside Clara Luiselli’s meditative embroidered “Tentativi” is Laura Mega’s activist stitching in “Your voice matters”. Miriam Medrez, from Mexico, presents miniature and dreamy mixed media landscapes of threads and metal while Turin’s map is shredded in pieces and brought back in new geography by Silvia Beccaria’s action that extends formally recognized borders creating new ones. The human body is also de-structured in Jacobo Alonso’s layering of laser-cut slices of wool and presented as a beating heart in Lidia Meneghini’s fluorescent pink bubbling work.


Young, dynamic and flexible, XS Project is a nomadic modular installation composed of sized 30×30 cm artworks. The format allows for multiple compositions that will be adapted repeatedly to new spaces, galleries, museums, and art fairs, every time with a new meaning and look to reach an ever-growing audience.

During BAF, you’ll see another project curated by Barbara Pavan for ArteMorbida. InfernoParadiso will display large installations from 8 Italian artists representing the Salone Italia at the 25th-anniversary celebration of WTA- World of Textile Art.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the world of contemporary textile art first-hand; the artists of the XS project and ArteMorbida are waiting for you in January!