Italiano (Italian)

Elephants, lions, rhinos, gorillas…the savannah animals come to us embellished with flowery details…these are the great  mammals by Sophie J. Standing, an artist of British origin who has lived in Africa for 15 years, who combines applications and freehand embroidery to give them life and make them magical.

Using printed cotton fabrics, mostly Art Nouveau or Kaffe Fassett group designs, Sophie creates her animals from a design that she herself prepares and animates using thread of different colors for thread painting.

The animals are outlined and animated under the guidance of her wise hands.

Sophie produces works up to 1.5 meters long, and a single piece of art of this size can contain 3000 meters of thread.

The website is full of information and photos, we find  all the news about the artist and her works, their realization and a part dedicated to her publications and e-shop.

Sophie Jane Standing is also present on instagram and facebook:

NOTE: News and photos are taken from the artist’s websites