7th International Triennial of Textile Arts Hungary 2021

Italiano (Italian)

The Cultural Foundation for the Textile Arts and the SAVARIA MHV Museum Group – the Art Gallery of Szombathely are pleased to present the 7th International Triennial of Textile Arts between 18th June 2021 and 28th of August 2021 appr. on 1400 sq. at the Art Gallery of Szombathely, Hungary.

The Call for entry was open for artists, designers, Art Association members, students of Fine Art and Design Academies from all over the world. We invited artists to submit projects that explore themes, concepts, life situations and phenomena linked to the theme: the FLOW.

This year’s jury accepted 206 pieces of artworks belonging to the above mentioned ideas created in 5 categories: mural artworks, 3D textile, textile design, miniature textile, flag, band.

”Grief”, 70x200cm, copyright Gabriella Kecseti

”Sea Garden”, 99x153cm, copyright Bea Bocz

Our aim is to strengthen the transition between the fine arts and applied arts’ genres so there is not any restrictions on materials and techniques used. The rules allow artworks referring to the attributes of the textile material either in their techniques or expressing thoughts by means of this material. Our foundation’s work is supported by experts of international contemporary artists and art historians.

”Komonka-Pure Edge”, 140x300cm, Móni Kovács

“Let flow in” 2021 – copyright Helene De Ridder   

We focus on caring the heritage of textile art which is continuously resented by the International Triennials of Textile Art in every three years in Szombathely since 1970. We have been committed to the protection and the representation of outstanding values in traditional textile art culture and also to highlight professional extraordinary endeavors.

In case of virtual opening due to pandemic restrictions there will be a finissage on 27th August 2021, Friday at 3.p.m.