• 5 February 2023 18:21

“Chiara Vigo. Last Master of marine byssus” Susanna Lavazza

Italiano (Italian)

Publisher: Delfino Carlo Editore

Year edition: 2017

On the market since: 26 October 2017

Pages: 152 p.

Images: 150 photos

Language: Italian and English edition


This book is the product of five years of field experience in Sant´Antioco, Sardinia. From a method of empirical research, in contact with the last Master of sea-silk in the world: Chiara Vigo. The woman who still works it in the traditional way, after having desalted the ´beard´ of the Pinna Nobilis, the largest bivalve in the Mediterranean, from which the silk of the sea comes. After having carded, blended, spun and woven with the nails in the linen, after having dyed it with purple, indigo, violet or having woven it with other threads of byssus to create extraordinary works, that shine like gold, of inestimable value. Canvases that are born with a song and can neither be sold nor bought. The volume is illustrated by photos that are worth more than many words, translations of ancient or modern texts, various theories at the academic level. It is the result of the current state of the sea-silk. And leave to others the dissertations on its history. Because the processing of sea silk has not been interrupted in the last century, but is alive and subject to recognition by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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