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ITS TAM – Higher Technical Institute for Textile Clothing and Fashion of Biella in collaboration with the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, presents Mending the future, as part of the program of collateral events of the Coco + Marilyn exhibition at the Cultural Space.

The project is entirely conceived and developed by the students of the ITS TAM of Biella, who, fifty years after the death of Coco Chanel, wanted to pay homage to the style of the great French couturière while proposing a reflection and interpretation on themes and problems of the present. From the pandemic to the need for sustainable fashion, from the massive influence of social media on the new generations to inclusiveness, the garments made and the story of their genesis tell us a work of analysis, research, understanding and invention translated into creations that reveal skills, techniques and know-how acquired by the students, enhancing the beauty of the fabrics and yarns used.

The students worked on three themes: COCOONING or wrapping oneself in the cocoon to mitigate the anguish of the pandemic, the Chanel style declined to comfortable outfits for staying at home but also perfect for going out; TIMELESS, a manifesto against waste and the absurdities of disposable fashion, the rediscovery of beauty and quality, of the eternal garment that lasts over time; IMPERFECTS that is recycling and reuse as resources for a new and sustainable fashion, construed with precious but waste materials, imperfection as a sign of uniqueness.

Within the exhibition you can follow the study, design and finally synthesis process that led to the creation of the models on display.

The TAM Higher Technical Institute of Biella is a post-secondary school for the training of senior technicians for the Textile, Clothing and Fashion sector, concretely linked to the world of work and which allows to acquire technical, creative and managerial skills and abilities throughout the supply chain, and it is nationally recognized as a structure of excellence for hosting high-level training. Here the Biella textile tradition with its enormous cultural heritage of knowledge, technological innovation and attention to sustainability find their meeting point 

MEND THE FUTURE will be open from Saturday 22 May to Sunday 12 September 2021 at the Cultural Space of the Cassa di Risparmio di Biella Foundation, in via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 14 in Biella (opening hours Monday – Friday, 10.30-12.30 and 16.00-17.30; Saturday and Sunday 16.00-19.00; 2 June and 15 August 16.00-19.00). Information tel. 015 0991868 | spazio.cultura@fondazionecrbiella.it | www.fondazionecrbiella.it. Free entry