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Ago, Filo e Nodo… una scultura nel tempo

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: ‘Ago, Filo e Nodo’, a scupture in the form of a needle a thread and a knot created by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen in 2000 for Piazzale Cadorna in Milan

In 1964, Cadorna station, not far from Castello Sforzesco, became the first railway station to have a connection to the new Milan Metro. More than three decades of exponential growth in the area were compounded by the 1999 opening of the Malpensa Express, connecting Milan’s most important airport to Cadorna station in the center of the city. Something had to be done.

Enter the famous and acclaimed architect Gae Aulenti. Aulenti’s ambitious project involved a remodeling of the station’s interior and facade, as well as a modernization of the adjacent square…Read more


Determined and creative, Gae Aulenti (1927-2012) managed to make a name for herself in the exclusively male-dominated environment of 20th-century Italian architecture. Known worldwide for her museum furniture, this pioneer is also the author of stainless steel icons of the 20th century, such as her coffee table on wheels and the Pipistrello lamp © Image courtesy by Gae Aulenti family