Italiano (Italian)

ArteMorbida, presents at Studio B49, Rome, the third part of XS PROJECT the international project dedicated to contemporary fiber art with 76 works by artists from different countries around the world characterized by their small size – 30×30 cm – as well as, of course, the medium.

The exhibition will take place from December 16 to 22 in the B49 exhibition space, at 49b Placido Zurla Street, Rome, Pignet area. With this third event, the mission of the Italian magazine specializing in international contemporary fiber art, which has long been committed to the dissemination and promotion of art languages traceable to textile techniques and materials, continues. The exhibition offers a broad overview of the different declinations of fiber art in a comparison of different backgrounds, traditions, and generations in a plurality of experimentations that trace evolution and development of the definition of ‘textile art’. From environmentally sustainable fibers to the upcycling of waste materials, from weaving to hot manipulation, from thread to fabric, plastic, and metal, the exhibition aims to bring a wide audience closer to the discovery of the different languages of individual artists. The project is also an opportunity to reflect on the dynamics that support and enable artistic research not least the fostering of new and young collecting remembering that one becomes a collector one work at a time…