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Italiano (Italian)

Ana Seggiaro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1965. Initially pictorial in nature, her work explored and incorporated new materials and media in addition to the oil and etching that underpin her artistic research. She is currently developing the embroidery technique.

Graduated in drawing and engraving at the National School of Fine Arts Prilidiano Pueyrredón in 1988, she then continued her training and specialization in various workshops and studies, among which: Painting workshop with Sergio Bazan, Contemporary art seminar with Hugo Petrochansky, Lithography workshop with Lucrecia Orloff and others.

“Sin título”, 2012, 25×33 cm, copyright Ana Seggiaro

“Sin título”, 2012, 25×33 cm, copyright Ana Seggiaro

“Sin título”, 2012, 25×33 cm, copyright Ana Seggiaro

Since 1988 she has exhibited her works in collective and individual exhibitions in cultural centers, museums and galleries in Argentina and in the rest of Latin America. Among the personal exhibitions we can mention: “Cartografías del Inconsciente” (2014) and “Nieve Azul” (2009) at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, “Nadar” (2006) and “Tiempo de Rosas II” (2005) at Isidro Miranda, and ” Tiempo de Rosas “(2002) and” Fútbol “(2000) in Elsi del Río.  She has participated in group exhibitions at the Rubbers Gallery (2016), Focus Arte BA (2017), ValoArte in Costa Rica (2014), at the Mito Gallery in Uruguay (2014 and 2012), at the San José Cultural Center in Olavarría, Argentina (2013) , at the Biennial of Maracaibo in Venezuela (2010) and at the Borges Cultural Center in Argentina (2007), among many others.

She currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, where she has her own studio and teaches painting and drawing.

Source: http://anaseggiaro.com.ar/

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