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ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine is a space dedicated to the varied panorama of contemporary textile arts. The web-site like the magazine is designed and created with the aim of collecting and witnessing the news and the latest trends in the sector, to encourage and facilitate the dissemination of the culture of Fiber Art, stimulating the interest of the public and promoting the recognition of Textiles as an autonomous means in the most vast field of contemporary arts.

ArteMorbida avails itself of the collaboration of art curators, artists, teachers, industry experts and professionals of the printed media.

In our website you will find:

  • interviews with established and emerging artists
  • insights on innovative techniques
  • articles of History of Textile Traditions and Restoration of Historical Artifacts
  • pages dedicated to industry events and important national and international events in the field of fiber art
  • articles on the world of international textile art
  • sections with various themes such as: textiles and cinema
  • presentations of museums and art galleries
  • articles about the world of international textile art
  • book reviews and more