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A space for Textile Art...

ArteMorbida is a space where knowledge and information are available for artists and lovers of textile arts and art in general to support, inspire and encourage them in their creative experience and personal growth.

Being creative of courserequires talent …but above all it takes time and effort!
And not only time and effort but also a great deal of determination.

And determination requires motivation, constant interest and passion. But it’s not enough, because creating means “realizing something new”. What are needed are technical skills, that is, study and application, attempts, stubbornness, and so again … time and effort.

“There is no substitute for hard work” as Thomas A. Edison used to say.

And while you are there, working hard for your art, or looking for an inspiration to start, or a “technical” advice to solve a problem that is blocking you, we put at your disposal our hard work. A work of study, collection, updating and research of creative resources.

For this reason, in our website you will find:

  • Interviews with artists who use threads, fabrics and textile materials as medium of their art and who explain what their creative process consists of, and how it evolved over time. How they have overcome moments of lack of inspiration and creative crisis.
    • “Technical” advice to help develop your career as an artist (how to use social media to advertise, how to spotcontests and exhibitions to participate in, how to determine the price of one’s own textiles …).
    • Articles in which textile artists share their experience describing the more “technical” aspects of their work. A precious know-how.
    • Articles about the history of textile arts (the history of quilting in America and in the world, the origins of Fiber Art, an excursus on tapestry art … and much more).
    • Information on collecting and selling art
    • information on national and international exhibitions and contests
    • Book reviews in the sector and much more.


Arte Morbida is also the name we gave to our exhibition of Textile Arts now at its fourth edition. Here the link to access the content of past editions.

Browse the catalog of the 3 editions of ArteMorbida

Scuola Romana Quilting

The cultural association Scuola Romana Quilting was founded in 2015 with the aim of disseminating Quilting through courses, demonstrations, exhibitions and any initiative aimed at getting to know this beautiful art.