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Artist’s residence 2021

Italiano (Italian)

Residence for research and creation of textile art
Deadline for submitting applications: Friday 18th June 2021


The residency takes place at L’Atelier du Haut-Anjou, Daon, France, over 3 months, two and a half months from October to December 2021 and two weeks in March-April 2022. Born from a joint project with TALM ( École supérieure d’art et de design) in Angers, this artist residence is the result of a collaboration.

L’Atelier du Haut Anjou is a unique place that combines a contemporary approach to textile creation with a renewed technical mastery of this centuries-old art.

The challenge of the residency aims to promote the encounter between artists, designers and the world of textiles. We observe how, today, fabrics are returning to be a privileged medium for artists. The intent is to promote the approach to textile techniques and experiments of all kinds, both on the techniques and on the resulting realizations, and to allow the design of an original artistic project, which interrogates this material and opens up to unusual results.

Events related to the residence and the presentation of the artist’s project will be organized with the inhabitants of the village and the surrounding area. The aim of this residence is also a way to reconnect with the textile tradition of southern Mayenne, offering a new perspective through a contemporary artistic approach.

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