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Laura Mega works between Rome and New York and she is the creator and curator of the DREAMERS art project and co-founder of the LAZZARO_ART DOESN’T SLEEP project.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and at the University of Image in Milan (a school centered on the five senses founded by photographer Fabrizio Ferri). Her practice combines drawing, text, embroidery, wool yarn and printing. In addition, she sometimes uses other materials (such as pink epilating wax) on old trousseaus: set of clothes, linen, and other accessories that a bride brings with her to the new house.

Through a contemporary and straightforward language, Laura Mega transforms symbols of a constricted and predefined femininity into works capable of conveying and investigating emotional, social, and political issues, where the irony leaves the observer responsible for the different depths of reading and interpretation.


WELCOME_2022_tufting_KOU Gallery(also part of the collection of the gallery) and Textile Museum- Busto Arsizio_70x80cm

I have always been intrigued by the carpet as an object and its use in different cultures. For example, the carpet is linked to the practice of meditation and worship, it is a symbol of hospitality on the doorstep, and it is even magical in some fairy tales…

Personally, I find it easy to associate the carpet with the human being: it is an object that is trampled on, abused, and often bears the indelible marks of those who walk across it.

WELCOME is inspired by the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court to abolish the right to abortion.

Welcome is part of “ThePinkSide of WTF” solo exhibition at the KOU Gallery in Rome. Also, exhibited at the Textile Museum of Busto Arsizio for THE SOFT REVOLUTION.


SET ME FREE, 2022, mixed-media&embroidery. Spazio Giallo Interiors

It’s a limited edition of nine soft pillows, with signature and number embroidered on the back.

Each pillow is deliberately presented and sold vacuum packed to raise awareness of the issue of closure and limitation on various issues concerning women and their femininity. The SET ME FREE label underlines the message.

The series was created for Spazio Giallo Interiors in Rome.


HEAL YOUR HEART, 2022, mixed-media and embroidery. Fiberstorming, Ex Ateneo Bergamo

It is a duvet with a large anatomical heart, it represents physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual care. It protects from the cold of the world, soothes pain, and keeps you safe.

Heal Your Heart invites us to take care of ourselves and of the other, sheltered from the battles fought in external reality.

“Hiding from the world under a safe blanket”, reads the inscription, is an invitation to trust in the heart, to explore its greatness, the almost suffocating density of fears and feelings that make it vital.

The heart is the metaphor of that precious and fragile nucleus that needs attention and time, which must be cultivated and guarded so that it can then return the same care.

Included in the Fiber Storming exhibition, Ex-Ateneo, Bergamo.

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