Asia-Europa 4

Italiano (Italian)

translation by Chiara Cordoni

Asia-Europa 4, 2019-20:

curator Marika Szaraz

Dronninglund Kunstcenter, Denmark, 19. April to 7. June, 2020

Musée de la Tapisserie, Tournai, Belgium, 1. March to 28. April, 2019
Deutsches Textilmuseum Krefeld, Germany, 12. May to 18. August, 2019

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Author and the founder of the project  ‘Asia-Europe’ – contemporary fiber art exhibition is Erny Piret and the idea of a dialogue in contemporary textile art was born on the occasion of the Biennial of Kaunas (Lithuania) in 2009.

The exhibition ‘Asia-Europe’ presents innovative artistic creations in relation with Asian and European countries and their textile techniques.
The selected artists come from China, Korea and Japan, from Asia and European countries – France, Sweden, Latvia, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Lithuania, Finland, Slovakia and Spain.

Their works represent intercultural dialogue and although they are geographically distant, coming from two different continents, they are connected by the thread of art: linen thread, computer embroidery, thread, canvas thread, mulberry bark, banana fiber, silk, wool, organza, copper, fishing line, tulle, bread.

 Tournai’s  event video (Belgio, 1 Marzo/ 28 April, 2019 –Musée de la Tapisserie,)

Selected artists

Antra Augustinovica – Estonia

Valerie Buess – Germany

Isabel Berglund – Denmark

Nora Chalmet – Belgium

Sui Park  – Korea

Catherine Chanteloube – France

Cho Yuhn Kyung – Korea

Moon Jiyoung – Korea

Wlodzimierz Cygan – Poland

Judit Droppa – Hungary

Yasuko Iyanaga – Japan

Chikako Imaizumi – Japan

Asta Fedaraviciute – Lituanie

Hui Liu – China

Kakuko ishii – Japan

Kela Cremachi – Italy

Raija Jokinen – Finland

Yukako Sorai – Japan

Cha Young Soon – Korea

Mitsuru Kuroki – Japan

MakikoWakisaka – Japan

Terezia Krnàcovà – Slovakia

Miki Nakamura – Japan

Minako Watanabe – Japan

Leyun Wang – China

Maria Ortega – Spain

Sandrine Pincemaille – France

Toko Hayashi – Japan

Lina Ringeliené – Lithuania

Tanikawa Tsuruko – Japan

Marie-Noelle Risack – Belgium

Elsbet Wiens – Germany

Takumi Ushio – Japan

Wu Fan – China

Magda Sobon – Poland

Marika Szaraz Luxemburg / Hungary

Some of the exhibited works

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