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ATELIER#3 – Paola Romoli Venturi

Italiano (Italian)

translation by CHIARA CORDONI

From Tuesday 26 November to Sunday 1 December 2019

Museo d’arte contemporanea di Roma
Roma – Via Nizza, 138 – via Reggio Emilia, 54 

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sunday from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm
Saturday from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm
Monday closed

free admission

From Tuesday 26 November to Sunday 1 December 2019 in the ATELIER#3 of the MACRO Asilo in Roma directed by Giorgio De Finis.

For six days Paola Romoli Venturi will work in a studio with transparent glass walls. Ateliers allow the public to see and understand how a work “was born”. [When an artwork is finished, used to say Picasso, the artist is no longer there. In this case it is the artist to remain, and the artwork leaves].
Paola Romoli Venturi’s artistic research is linked to the value of transparency as a means to communicate. ‘Transparency and suspension prepare the visitor to“look through”, not to look away, to observe things in order tothink”.This is the inspirational thought behind her performances and installations exhibited in Italy and abroad. Her work touches on social issues, creating spaces designed by shadows, lights and sounds, using different expressive pictorial-sculptural means, audio video and site specific performative installations.
Within the ATELIER#3 Paola will create a new artwork, using different media and materials, including her elective material, tarlatan.

Among her projects: Traspaquadri (2004/2006), mOlecOle andmadre natura (2007), instant art_vedova di guerra_Alessandra (2008), La Sentenza_Das Urteil  (2009/2010), instat art_SI=NO (2011) PTV_ Paola Trash Vortex (2012/2016) SALVA LA TUA BALENA! (2013/2016) MANTRAreading (2015/2016) WE(2016) Caos, caso, osa, sa, o. (2016) MEMORIE(2017) Saluti da Carrara!(2018/2019)
In 2019 she launched the performative project ROVESCIARE for the MACRO museum in Rome and the performative projectBASOLO’s sound. She currently works on the performative sculpture MEMORIALE and on the transfusioni review.