Spotlight on

Aude Franjou

Italiano (Italian)

The French fiber artist Aude Franjou uses hemp and linen fibers and with patience and skill she transforms them into sinuous and intricate textile sculptures, three-dimensional organic shapes with intense colors.

Franjou got her degree in History of Art in Paris. Her works have been exhibited in group exhibitions in France, the United States, Switzerland and Korea and are present in numerous private collections.

“Aude Franjou works the very essence of hemp: vegetable matter by nature,  material made into fossil  by the hand of man who transforms it into rope, with   passion it is revived  as a living material. The sculptures created, sensitive to the dry climate of beautiful days and the humid climate of winter hours, flex and unfold over time.
They are incredible because they are authentic and because they leave the observer free to feel emotions “
Marie-Victoria Fleiss

The photos were taken from the artist’s website and are protected by copyright