Aurélia JAUBERT – Le Festival du Lin et de la Fibre Artistique

Italiano (Italian)

Friday 7 July – Sunday 9 July 2023
Festival du Lin et de la Fibre Artistique

“As in a small still life by Cézanne or a large pop collage by Erró, this gigantic assemblage of canvases, gathered here and there, disorients the eye by eluding any rational perspective”. Closer to medieval compositions in its narrative, it is a homage to ‘ladies’ books’, says Aurélia JAUBERT.
Moving beyond good taste and bad taste, has she found the key to her dreams in second-hand materials and attic treasures? Freely combining motifs of galleons and geishas, kittens and dolphins, ballerinas and Courbet landscapes, the artist takes us into the imaginary world of women who still dream of unicorns. Retired Penelopes who no longer wait for Ulysses to return to their daily work and project themselves into a world of beauty. With her trademark biting humour, Aurélia JAUBERT intends to turn the situation upside down and expose this teeming universe, inspired by both Chardin and Walt Disney, in the immaculate space of a gallery or museum”.

Extract from:: Des femmes piquantes by Natacha NATAF (Beaux-Arts magazine)