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*Featured photo: L’avancée du carnage. 2022

French artist. Born in 1994, born and raised in Mulhouse, Aurélien Finance graduated from a DNSEP in 2018 at the HEAR, with the congratulations of the jury.After a baccalaureate in fashion and clothing, he joined the preparatory school for fine arts / Gérard Jacot in Belfort, without ceasing to be interested in textiles. This material was also a line of research for his thesis, Les contes de F.A, about the transitional object which today continues to nourish his plastic work.The artist is interested in the know-how related to textiles, in popular art techniques that he experienced throughout his studies, understanding them as a language, a metaphor of the human being. He also explores the heritage of know-how, in connection with memory, with which he raises various questions of our society.

Absence de soit #2 / 2020

Theatricalized, the work of Aurélien Finance is built around absurd stories
invented, inspired by reality, myths or tales. Whether it is performances in which he stages himself, or creations with colorful shapes, his works divert the textile universe by deconstructing traditional codes. He practices ancestral know-how to experiment their limits in a playful approach borrowed from humor and poetry; The artist is particularly interested in human phobias, symbols of the irrational in a society dominated by reason and control. Embroidery, crochet and knitting interest him for their performative, repetitive and cathartic aspects. These creations then become transitional objects from which are born imaginary characters, organic beings, excrescences rescued from a forgotten memory… His dyslexic (disorientation of orderly writing) appears in his work as an asset. It opens up a thought through the image that finds its meaning in its entirety.-
Contact : aurelien.finance@orange.fr

Artist portfolio

L’abandonné / 2022-2023 Matériaux : Fil de coton DMC, laine, fil acrylique Dimension : variable Musée de l’impression sur étoffes
Là où commence le soleil - Là où se termine le soleil / 2023 Matériaux : fils de coton DMC, acrylique, papier film iridéscent, acier, bois, plastique Dimensions : 35 x 38 cm chacun
Jardinière murale n5. 2019
Ferme les yeux et pense à ... / 2023
Absence de soit #2 / 2020