BID21 – Biennale Internazionale Donna 2021

Italiano (Italian)

Curated by Gabriela von Habsburg
Magazzino 26 – Porto Vecchio TRIESTE
15 maggio / 18 luglio 2021
Hours: mer e gio 10-13* and 17-20; friday, sunday and holidays 10-13 and 17-21; saturday 10-13 and 15-21 (*from June26)

 Textile artist Luisa De Santi at Biennale Internazionale Donna21

BIDART21 – The third edition of the Biennale Internazionale Donna of Trieste (a contemporary art exhibition of international women artists) will take place in the inspiring warehouse 26 in Historical Treadin Harbour in Trieste. The main goal is exhibitining many different forms of art created by women, with a special focus on applied arts.

The 2021 Edition of the BID, curated by the internationally known abstract sculptor Gabriela Von Habsburg, will focus on the theme of “The Silent Transformations”, according to the interpretation of the philosopher and sinologist Francoise Jullien, who in the homonymous text Les transformations silencieuses (2009) highlights the changes taking place before our eyes and which are impossible to observe at the very moment they actually happen. It is such a slow and continuous transformation that it cannot be perceived. The exhibition aims to investigate the expressive abilities of the artists in transforming the imperceptible changes of reality surrounding us into universal language, captured from an intimate, environmental, emotional or symbolic point of view.

Luisa De Santi is a textile artist, knit/crochet/embroidery designer and teacher, yarn bombing projects creator, art coordinator of collective works. On the theme of the Silent Transformations, De Santi will display a modular installation of some of her works from the “Little Gardens” collection. De Santi have developed this bidimensional body of work in which she used bright color yarns and a lot of elements from plastic flowers and plants, assembled by meticolous and dense needlepoint stitching. A slow and long work. The artist used circular forms because the garden time is not linear but it follows the looping rhythms of nature. Gardens are metaphores. A garden is the place of dreams and hopes, where you can meditate and take care of yourself, where you learn to wait. Colours mean feelings, plastic elements represent the distorted relationship we have with nature.

BID21 will open on May 15 at 11am, with the Press Conference in Sala Luttazzi in the presence of the Mayor, Roberto Dipiazza and the Councilor for Culture, Giorgio Rossi and the Councilor for Equality of the FVG Region, Anna Limpido. Following guided PRESS TOUR of the Biennale BID21ART with the curator Gabriela von Habsburg; performances of the exhibition and interviews with the present artists.


Throughout many centuries the art world was mostly dominated by male artists.

They missed out on the female artistic talents. Living now in a totally different society we can enjoy the exciting female way of expressing themselves in the means of art.

All the more it is important to give especially the female artist a platform to present their own unique way of showing their talents and communicating their artistic ideas in their own language.

Gabriela Von Habsburg

Barbara Pavan

English version Sono nata a Monza nel 1969 ma cresciuta in provincia di Biella, terra di filati e tessuti. Mi sono occupata lungamente di arte contemporanea, dopo aver trasformato una passione in una professione. Ho curato mostre, progetti espositivi, manifestazioni culturali, cataloghi e blog tematici, collaborando con associazioni, gallerie, istituzioni pubbliche e private. Da qualche anno la mia attenzione è rivolta prevalentemente verso l’arte tessile e la fiber art, linguaggi contemporanei che assecondano un antico e mai sopito interesse per i tappeti ed i tessuti antichi. Su ARTEMORBIDA voglio raccontare la fiber art italiana, con interviste alle artiste ed agli artisti e recensioni degli eventi e delle mostre legate all’arte tessile sul territorio nazionale.