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OPEN CALL: Application deadline: 30 May 2022

Contemporary Arts and Crafts Exhibition

Fourth Edition
WOOL – from white to black

The Call for applications for the Biennale LeArtiPossibili, this year at its fourth edition, is now online. Born from an idea of Francesca Bagnoli and Cristina Ghiglia, the project was developed with the cooperation of Fiorenza Giuriani. Its aim is to bring together in a single exhibition works from different contexts, to affirm the principle that art has no barriers and is a powerful medium of expression and communication between people with different training and artistic sensitivity and with different social roles.

The Call is open to artists, artisans, art therapists, educators and groups from care, reception and rehabilitation facilities, from schools and free association groups, on the basis of an innovative movement of liberation both from value judgments and educational prejudices. This is how the great richness of the unexpected is discovered, of what has not yet been experienced, which is often present in the free and amateur artistic approach. This approach, which is often placed besides a more artistic and structured one, may constitute a chance of experiential growth for everyone.

What is peculiar to LeArtiPossibili is that, for each edition, a different material is chosen which is the fil rouge of the artistic research. This year’s choice falls on WOOL, a warm and cozy material which, as the call for application states: “brings us back emotionally to the sensations of a warm embrace, of softness, of warmth, of ancient memories”. The concepts of protection, comfort and affection revolve around it. To these, thanks to the mythological imagery of the Golden Fleece, is connected the idea of healing from all evil. In this year that finally foresees the possible exit from this pandemic, that has kept us distant and afraid for too long, this work on wool is intended to act as a catalyst for new, positive energies that can guide us towards a collective and shared approach to the artistic experience.

Wool, a natural, renewable, hydrophilic and resistant element, can be processed in different ways (spun, carded, combed, braided, felted, curled), and can be used coarse or fine, raw or dyed. One of the requirements expressed in the specifications concerns the shade of wool used, which must be included in the scale ranging from white to black, extremes included. Another indication, aimed at giving homogeneity to the final result and enhancing the differences in technique and individual expression, concerns the dimensions, which must be a maximum of 50×60 cm for two-dimensional works and 25x25x40 cm for three-dimensional ones. In the case of collective participation, the dimensions increase to 70×80 cm for two-dimensional works and 40x40x80 cm for three-dimensional ones.
The call expires May 30, 2022 and requires a contribution of 25 euros per participant or group. The exhibition will take place at the Stecca3 exhibition space in via G. De Castillia 26, Milan, from Wednesday 2 to Sunday 6 November 2022. Possible changes on venue and period of exhibition will be promptly communicated.

Fourth Edition: WOOL

Closing date for the call for applications: 30 May 2022
Exhibition: 2–6 November 2022 | Stecca3, Milan

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