• 2 February 2023 18:53

Italiano (Italian)

Sunday, 24 October 14:30 – 16:00
Palazzo Tamburelli – Bobbio (Piacenza)
Reservation required

For info and reservations:

This event is organized by “Amici dell’Arte – Gruppo Giovani” and Italian Touring Club Piacenza with the City of Bobbio’s patronage, collaborating with Festina Lente Studio, Textile Restoration Laboratory and Roberta Stationery.

We all know: there are doors that close and bigger doors that open.
For us, Amici dell’Arte – Gruppo Giovani, organizing an event in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, together with the Italian Touring Club – Piacenza, is a door that opens onto a myriad of possibilities. And since we are talking about doors, we arranged a tour to highlight the uniqueness of this often and willingly ignored element as the first event organized together.

However, we have already revealed too much, for now.
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A special thanks to @ sei¬_di_bobbio_se, @cartoleriaroberta and @festinalente_studio