CALENDARIO – NOUS: Letizia Cariello

Italiano (Italian)

BUILDINGBOX, via Monte di Pietà 23, 20121 Milano
1/21/2022 – 12/23/2022
Curated by Annette Hofmann

BUILDINGBOX presents the exhibition project Calendar – Nous by artist Letizia Cariello from January 21 to December 23, 2022, curated by Annette Hofmann.

After the previous exhibition cycles aimed at investigating the themes of light, glass and contemporary art – through a succession of installations by 12 artists in 12 months – BUILDINGBOX renews the usual collective exhibition mode, this time inviting a single artist to confront each other in a personal way with the space in via Monte di Pietà 23 in Milan, visible to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An independent space dedicated to experimentation, BUILDINGBOX will become during the year a privileged observation point on the art of Letizia Cariello and, at the same time, a space for dialogue with the visitor, who from the transparency of BUILDINGBOX will be able to observe the unfolding of an exhibition that expands over time rather than space: an uninterrupted succession of site-specific installations at an irregular rate, the result of unpredictable interventions freely dictated by the artist’s creative time.

The themes of time and its limits are central to the research of Letizia Cariello, who for years has been working with the practice of embroidery and weaving to give tangible form to invisible bonds, exploring the relationship between inner space and the outside world. The desire to intercept the material consistency of time is realized in the research and collection of its traces, made visible through the writing of calendars and the use of a red thread – a trademark of her production – which unites and stitches together objects, materials and spaces. In this sewing process, the artist approaches different worlds by relating them to each other, strengthens lost bonds, heals wounds. From trees to teapots, from cups to photographs, its sign crosses everyday objects and spaces to materialize time in a perceptible form.

In Letizia Cariello’s poetics, Calendars represent a form of meditation on time and its real existence, an artistic exercise of writing and mental concentration on the time to come, in an attempt to give a corporeality to its intangible nature, make it concrete, or at least chasing it, giving it a name and a date. With Calendar – Nous the artist explores for BUILDINGBOX the concept of Nous (νοῦς in ancient Greek) which indicates, starting from Homer, the inner faculty of understanding an event – the intellect – understood as a door or passage to another dimension, which goes beyond linear time to open a circular, spiritual one. The Nous therefore presents itself as a threshold that invites the public to metaphorically cross borders and understand the interweaving of space, installation and time, becoming itself an integral part of the work and its relationships.

Calendar – Nous thus becomes an invitation, the exhortation to return, not to miss the change of space according to a living time. In the words of Letizia Cariello “BUILDINGBOX becomes flesh, a beating heart that, both day and night, pumps, thinning its spatial and material boundaries, creating a door towards a new dimension, a space of connection”. Just like a living being, the exhibition project will grow and transform over the course of the year, with subsequent additions and subtractions of some elements, following its own irregular and unpredictable life path.


Letizia Cariello was born into a family of Neapolitan origin dedicated to sculpture for more than two hundred years. Today she lives and works in Milan. She graduated in Art History at the University of Milan and, after having worked for cinema in Italy and in the United States, graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

The artist’s works – drawings, installations, videos, sculptures – are currently exhibited in international public and private collections, to name a few: the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC; the Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC; the collection of Tony and Heather Podesta, Washington DC; the Farnesina – Experimenta Collection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rome;the Museion / Ar-Ge Kunst, Bolzano; the Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo collection, Turin; the Etro collection, Venice; the Borromeo collection, Milan; the Rusconi Art Project collection, Agrate Conturbia, Bag Collection – Uni L. Bocconi, Trussardi Foundation and many others. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions promoted by authoritative museum institutions, such as La Triennale di Milano (2018), MART di Rovereto (2003, 2001), Kunstverein Ludvigsburg (2002). Other important solo exhibitions highlighted Letizia Cariello’s work, including “Your sky is green” at the Filatoio Rosso di Caraglio (2021), as well as other group-exhibitions such as the eighth edition of BAG – Bocconi Art Gallery (2021).