Community Ties 2022

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Community Ties 2022 celebrates the many connections we share as artists and makers.
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The conference will include more than 15 hours of programming spread across January 22 – January 29, 2022 with main programming to take place each Saturday from 12 – 4PM ET.

  • Saturday programs include Artist Talks, Presentations and Panels
  • Weekday programming includes:

Meet the Maker

Meet five makers who create amazing fiber work!
Each maker will present a brief demonstration, share their making process, and answer questions. Sessions will be recorded and available for attendees until March, 2022.


SDA is excited to meet all of you! Stay tuned for special meetups including language-based, student, and educator opportunities to connect.
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Let them know! Email (

SDA Open House
The conference will be recorded and available to attendees until the end of March 2022.

Online Member Exhibition.
SDA is pleased to announce Being-With, the Winter 2021-2022 Premium Member Online Exhibition in coordination with the Community Ties conference.

Soledad Muñoz is the juror.
Details are available at

Registration + Fees

  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: December 31st, 2021
  • Member: $150
  • Non-Member: $175
  • Student: $75 / Institutional Affiliate pricing upon request.

Please contact for details.
SDA is working hard to remove barriers to participating in their programming.
If the cost of attendance presents an issue, please complete and submit the short
scholarship application (

This opportunity is open to both members and nonmembers through January 15, 2022.

Program Details: 

Featured Speaker, Lorna Hamilton-Brown

January 22, 12:10-1:00pm ET
“I love to subvert peopleʼs associations and preconceptions of knitting and crochet and to engage audiences with challenging issues.”

Lorna Hamilton BrownLorna is a UK-based artist working with social practice and community based art. A dedicated educator, researcher, knitwear designer, performer and video maker, her dissertation Myth: Black People Donʼt Knit – the importance of art and oral histories for documenting the experiences of black knitters (, questions the lack of visibility of black crafters and documents their hidden histories.

She is currently a Patron of the Knitting & Crochet Guild and a member of Vogue Knittingʼs Diversity Advisory Council.

Lorna Hamilton Brown


Cultural Ties Discussion with Roya Amigh, Tibi Chelcea + Michael Sylvan Robinson

January 22, 1-2:00pm ET

Art is indelibly connected to communities. Join this meeting with three makers whose community ties inform their work. Roya Amigh creates art examining the representation of female sexuality, social activism and gender-centered storytelling. Tibi Chelcea combines traditional Romanian cross-stitch with custom-designed circuit boards to explore the connections between textiles and electronics. Michael Sylvan Robinsonʼs background in costume design and performance informs their fiber art that intersects fashion, sculpture, street art and queer activism.

This is a panel presentation and discussion with a Q&A session to follow.

Roya Amigh


Tibi Chelcea


Michael Sylvan Robinson


Solidarity! Journal Party with Precious Lovell, Elizabeth Kozlowski + Featured Artists

January 22, 2:15pm ET

Solidarity! Journal Party will be a conversation with guest editor Precious Lovell, Journal Editor Elizabeth Kozlowski and featured contributors.

Precious Lovell


Elizabeth Kozlowski


Itʼs Five OʼClock Somewhere!

with Merill Comeau, Jodi Colella + Featured SDA Grant Awardees

January 22, 3:30pm ET

The Surface Design Association Conferenceʼs social hour comes to you via Zoom! Join SDA members Jodi Colella and Merill Comeau, educators and artists known for their fun and entertaining online conversations, to meet your peers and some of the many SDA grant and award winners.

This event is open to all conference attendees!

Arched Baskets with Sarita Westrup

January 23, 2022 12:00pm

Join artist Sarita Westrup as she demos tools, materials, techniques,

and approaches used to twine her arched baskets. She will cover starting a basket, backwards twining, and finishing the lip of the basket. Other materials/media for twining and surface will be briefly discussed.

Sarita Westrup


Sacred Knots with Lise Silva Gomes

January 24, 2022 at 5:00 PM

The ancient craft of knotting connects our past to our present, helping us tap into ancestral wisdom and dream for the future, while grounding us in the present moment. It offers a meditative break from our busy lives, calming the mind in a tactile and engaging way. Join artist Lise Silva Gomes as she guides us in the fundamentals of knotting, centering on the classic Double Coin Knot and shares her insight on creating a meaningful craft practice.

Lise Silva Gomes


Korea: 색실누비, 꼬고 꿰매다 Saeksilnubi, Twist and Stitch with Youngmin Lee

January 25, 12:00PM

Join artist Youngmin Lee as she demonstrates the Saeksilnubi technique and shares her making practice.

Saeksilnubi colored thread quilting is a Korean traditional craft that uses two layers of fabrics, cords made with hanji (Korean mulberry paper) and colorful threads to make a quilted texture. The repetition of lines created with Bageumjil (back stitch) and Hanji cord make geometric patterns and raised textures. Saeksilnibi was used to make practical objects such as small pouches to store and carry tobacco, flint stone and metal, pin cushions, glasses cases, and paper stock patterns.

Youngmin Lee


Rice Vessels: Exploring Materials with a Collapsible Mould with Jodi Colella

January 26 at 5:00PM

Create intriguing, expressive vessels using materials easily found in the home, while experimenting with stitch and diverse materials. Jodi will demonstrate the magic of collapsible moulds; building the mould, applying the material, tactile stitching and the final step of releasing the mould to free the vessel. This meditative process provides opportunity for experimentation with texture, color and form. Sheʼll share the work of artists she admires and give you a tour of her studio where her magic happens. She looks forward to working with everyone!

Jodi Colella


Reimagining Plastic Waste with Natalya Khorover

January 27 at 12:00PM

Single-use plastic has become a scourge on our planet in the form of litter and its manufacture is a major contributor to climate change.

Instead of feeling helpless about the problem of single-use plastic, join Natalya in learning how to use this trash to create art as well as bring awareness to the problem. She will show you the steps of cutting up soft, fabric-like plastic packaging and stitching it back together as art quilts or other items. It surrenders easily to machine and hand stitching and even stands up to surface design techniques. Itʼs a ubiquitous free material available to all, so letʼs use it!

Natalya Khorover


Korea: Field Notes from Aimee Lee + Steph Rue, Fulbright Research Experience

January 29, 12:10 pm ET

Artists and researchers Aimee Lee and Steph Rue bring extensive

knowledge of Korean papermaking to the forefront of their making

practice. As Fulbright scholars, both Aimee and Steph have traveled and studied Korean papermaking techniques. Spanning from jiseung, joomchi, paper textile, botanical paper, natural dyeing techniques, bookbinding and printing, their work is informed by a long history that traces back centuries.

Aimee Lee


Steph Rue


Material Ties Discussion with Natalya Khorover, Ben Cuevas + Amber Robles-Gordon

January 29, 1:15pm ET

As artists and makers, materials play an important role in our process. Meet three artists whose material choices provide practical and conceptual backbones to their work.

Read Natalya Khorover


Ben Cuevas


Amber Robles Gordon


Online Exhibition Juror Talk

January 29, 2:30 PM ET

In addition to sharing the exhibitorsʼ work on social media, SDA is pleased to offer their Winter 2021 Online Member Exhibition in coordination with the Community Ties conference and juried by Soledad Muñoz.

Premium Members are automatically considered for the online member exhibitions.

Soledad Muñoz


Closing Session
January 29, 3:45 PM ET

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Elena Redaelli

English version Dal 2010 mi occupo di arte contemporanea realizzando progetti fra scultura tessile, arte ambientale e social practices. Negli ultimi anni il mio lavoro mi ha portato a vivere viaggiando con progetti e residenze artistiche nel mondo. Esploro processi di generazione e trasformazione della materia, applicando diversi livelli di controllo e indagando i limiti tra autorialità e partecipazione.Talvolta il materiale prende il sopravvento, altre volte sono i partecipanti di un progetto o l’ambiente stesso a farlo, risultando in un dinamico e continuo scambio. Il fare manuale è per me un processo d’interrogazione dell’ambiente e uno strumento per entrare in contatto con nuove persone e culture. Nei miei progetti applico una commistione di tecniche differenti prese dalla scultura, dall’artigianato, dal disegno e dall’ estetica relazionale. Ricerco e utilizzo tecniche antiche: tessitura a telaio, arazzo, crochet, feltro, ricamo, annodature e carta fatta a mano. Nelle mie installazioni, che si sviluppano su larga scala, unisco metodi di lavorazione lenta a nuove tecnologie. Tutto ciò che riguarda il tessile è sempre stato estremamente affascinante per me. Mi piace imparare e condividere idee e conoscenze sul vasto mondo delle fibre ed e’ quello che ho fatto durante i miei viaggi di ricerca tra Europa, Asia, USA e Africa.