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3 Sept. – 30 Oct 2022

Guimaraes, Portugal

The 6th edition of CONTEXTILE – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial will take place between the September 3rd and the October 30th, 2022.

The Biennial is recognized as an international reference in the ambit of contemporary textile art. But, it is also an unique cultural and artistic event, that transforms Guimarães, and the Vale do Ave region, into the epicentre of a process of interaction and connection between artists, creators, communities, industry and territories, thus contributing to the strengthening processes of the identity of the place, encouragement to creativity and innovation and valorization of the textile culture.

Counting, from the beginning, with the partnership and support of the Municipality of Guimarães and Dgartes / Ministry of Culture, CONTEXTILE 2022 will occupy the various cultural spaces and public areas of the city, always with the aim of promoting the best of what is done in contemporary textile art in Portugal and in the world, and to encourage the artistic creation, using textile as reference.



Considering that convulsions have the power to place us in confrontation with the world, one imagines in this contemporaneity (here and now) a willingness to re-make, based on a critical thinking.

The title is a constructed and polysemic term, resulting from the “space in between” the action and the reaction.

There we operate in prefix, in the origin, in the cause, in the creation, in the construction, in the thought, in the connection, in the transformation.

This will be the condition and the possible space for us to think the world, and wish to access some (few) answers, through the countless intra-textual, intertextual, contextual and interdependent relations – of the ecosystems, their emergencies and their “-cides” – body, history, politics, society, economy, territory, ecology.

Textile and art are presented as an action and reaction to time and to space, in response to the political and social conditions, as alchemical body, reacting to stimuli, such as fiction or fantasized reality and new imaginaries, as an experimental medium attentive to the new ecologies of production, as a questioner of borders and limits or their nonexistence.

Textile and textile art (or textile in art) are therefore affirmed, as inciters and convenors, also capable of provoking change and response in a time that is of now. Able to make, to make again, to re-make.

The program in this 6th edition will be eclectic, centred in a set of activities and events of international dimension, having in textile the main element of reference in the reflection, research and artistic creation. 


The International (Competitive) Exhibition will count with 50 works by 50 artists, selected by an international jury from a International call for proposals. Two more outdoor interventions will be accepted. The jury is composed by Lala de Dios (curator and teacher of textile, Spain), Janis Jefferies (professor of visual arts and curator, England), Monika Grasiené-Zaltê (textile artist and curator, Lithuania), Orenzio Santi (teacher and textile artist, Portugal), Cláudia Melo (artistic director of Contextile 2022).

  • Palácio Vila Flor | 3 September to 30 October


The exhibition is based on the idea of time reaction time presenting works by 10 Portuguese artists, with higher incidence from the 1960s and 70s (when a greater interest in textile art emerged in Portugal), who have included the textile in their artistic practices either through technique, material or thought-process.

Artists: Gisella Santi, Margarida Reis, Eduardo Nery, Ana Vieira, Lourdes Castro, Antonio Barros, Helena Almeida, José de Guimarães, Leonor Antunes, Joana Vasconcelos.

  • CIAJG | 3 September to 30 November


Invited Artist

Artistic intervention in public space by renowned Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama. The design and production of the project will be carried out in context for Contextile 2022, having as reference the concept and framework of the biennial.

  • IDEGUI + Public Building | 3 September to 30 October


Contextile 2022 invited to this edition, Norway, through NTK – Norwegian Textile Artists Association, to promote an exhibition of Norwegian textile art with works by 10 artists. As an invited country, TextileTalks on Norwegian textile art will also be held. This participation will be supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and the Norwegian Embassy in Portugal.

  • Palacete Santiago e Museu Alberto Sampaio | 3 September to 30 October


Contextile 2022, following a strategy of cooperation and rapprochment between the Embroidery of Guimarães and the Textile Industry with the contemporary textile art, summoned artists, national and international, to conduct artistic residencies having as objective the creation and production of artistic works from the concept proposed by the Biennial. Welcoming 8 artists in 2022.

  • Convento dos Capuchos | >15 July to 30 August | Opening 3 September


Artistic Education and Textile Creation

There is an increasing need to rethink the textile tradition in Portugal, whether in its technical or technological systems or in its artistic component. The exhibition “Emergências” is the consequence of crossing artistic education and textile creation and presents the results created by the students of the artistic schools with disciplines of textile techniques, that Contextile invited – FBAUP (Faculdade de Belas Artes do Porto), Escola Artística Soares dos Reis (Porto), Escola Artística António Arroio (Lisboa), FBAUL (Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa) and Escola Arquitetura_Artes Visuais da Universidade do Minho, challenging students and schools to the creation and production of textile artworks around the theme “RE- MAKE”, which will be presented in the form of exhibition and installation. Other connected activities will be held: workshops, talks, visits in context.

  • Ciência Viva | Universidade da ONU, Escola de Artes da U.Minho | 3 September to 30 October


Contextile Biennial invited and challenged artists and local cultural entities to present interventions and performances in the public space of the city of Guimarães.

One of the projects is the Production of a film about the textile culture in the territory.

  • Public space


The educational service program becomes relevant at Contextile, through the implementation of a set of workshops and visits.

  • WORKSHOPS: “TO EXPERIMENT TEXTILE” They are foreseen a set of technical and creative workshops destined to artists and the general public, of different artistic areas.
  • 10 WORKSHOPS / 10 TEXTILE MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES – MASTER CLASS “ART AND JACQUARD” with national and international artists.
  • ORIENTED VISITS to the exhibitions and artistic interventions.


The Textile Talks promote the presentation and discussion of projects and artistic works and talks about artistic education and textile, inviting schools and academies with good teaching and training practices in the textile area, such as LODZ Academy of Art and Textile (Poland), University of Creative Arts UCA (United Kingdom), Norway, Kaunas Academy (Lithuania), and the Portuguese art schools. And others

IMAGINE Temporadas cruzadas (Crossed Seasons)

Exhibitions and Parallel performances

Exhibition of French Contemporary Textile Art (10 artists)

Paço dos Duques

4 to 30 October

Artistic Residencies

Paço dos Duques 1 to 31 July

Installation / Performance

Escolas de Arte de Clermont-Ferrand Lyon, Guimarães, Porto