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Creative activism: interview with Nnenna Okore

In this interview, the artist talks about her professional training, about an unprecedented research path focused on eco-sustainability issues addressed with a completely new approach, thanks also to the cultural contaminations that enrich it. Finally, a reflection on the relationship that binds the artist, her work and the public.

by Maria Rosaria Roseo


The solid thread of Franca Coen Sonnino

Student of Maria Lai and rightly considered among the mothers of Italian Fiber Art, Franca Coen Sonnino talks with ArteMorbida in the interview with Paolo Cortese after the success of her exhibition in London in 2019 and after her participation in the latest editions of Brafa, Miart, Artissima and ArteFiera. These events have rekindled the spotlight on the work of this great Roman artist.

by Paolo Cortese

Anatomy of human relations. The artistic research of Giulia Nelli

Tights become works of Fiber Art that investigate the nature and evolution of human relationships in the work of Giulia Nelli, a young artist with an active international participation to her credit. Barbara Pavan’s Focus of the January issue is her artistic research.

by Barbara Pavan

Fiber, thread, fabric. Communal softness in Clara Rota’s practice

Clara Rota’s artistic practice opens up a world of possibilities for us. It shows us how to create very vivid textures of fibers, relationships and bodies. Her work speaks to us of passion and will power, which are the basis of concrete projects that bring hope. It tells us of idyllic collaborations, of feminine in a broader sense that goes beyond gender. The text is by Elena Redaelli.

di Elena Redaelli


Texture of a soul

In this issue the appointment with Fiber Art in Italian museums and permanent collections is by Lara Caccia and narrates the work of the Sardinian artist Maria Jole Serreli at the Limen Museum in Vibo Valentia.

Di Lara Caccia

The Textile Museum in Washington

An article from the column “Meet a museum” in which from time to time we discover the rich and precious collections of ancient and contemporary textile art present in the museums of the five continents. A wealth of resources, knowledge and cultures accessible to the general public but often ignored or misunderstood.

di Maria Rosaria Roseo

Signs, signals and dreams of contemporary Fiber Art: interview with Silvana Nota

Silvana Nota, journalist, art critic and independent curator, since 1998 has been the artistic director of the International Biennials of Fiber Art in the City of Chieri, Trame d’Autore, as well as of the collection with the same name of which she oversaw the development. The interview on ArteMorbida is an opportunity to take stock of Fiber Art – present, past and future – in Italy and internationally.

Di Barbara Pavan

The pop tapestries by Aurélia Jaubert

With the work “3ème Âge (le retour d’Ulysse)”, the French artist Aurélia Jaubert received the prestigious silver medal at the XVI International Tapestry Triennial of Lodz.

In this interview by Maria Rosaria Roseo, the artist tells how the idea of such an out of the ordinary tapestry was born, a collage of old canvases, full of unexpected and daring figurative combinations.

di Maria Rosaria Roseo

The restoration of a tapestry

An interesting article that describes the restoration of a precious textile artefact: a tapestry that became part of the Bourbon collections at the Royal Palace of Caserta and then at the Royal Palace of Naples. Endowed by the Crown of Italy in 1860, it was transferred from the Royal Palace of Naples, in Rome, to the Quirinale in 1874-1875.

di Chiara Carta

A silk nest in the heart of Calabria

Three young people gave shape and concreteness to their dream of restarting the silk supply chain in Calabria and in the January issue of ArteMorbida we present their story and their enterprise.

Di Barbara Pavan


Traveling with Ya-Chu Kang

Through the words of Elena Redaelli, Ya-chu Kang invites us to follow her in her research that has extended to many parts of our planet, following her desire for knowledge. Through her work, the artist questions the relationship between man, nature and social issues. How modernity and culture are related and how they influence each other.

di Elena Redaelli

Cross culture – Artistic knots for cultural hubs

Gabriella Anedi presents Shafiqul Kabir Chandan, an artist originally from Bangladesh. She presents his textile works, the never severed link with the material culture of his land and, at the same time, the emancipation from it, in search of a personal and unique language.

 di Gabriella Anedi

 Isabel Berglund

A Spotlight on, figuring the artist and the key elements of her work.

di Maria Rosaria Roseo