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In un’esclusiva intervista che verrà pubblicata in apertura del primo numero di ArteMorbida il 30 Ottobre prossimo, Nei Albertì racconterà sé stesso, del rapporto che si instaura tra spazio espositivo e artista e del modo in cui l’ambiente e l’opera dialoghino in una dimensione dinamica, capace di creare inediti scenari in cui lo spettatore è coinvolto in un’emozionante viaggio immersivo.

di Maria Rosaria Roseo

Elham M. Aghili

The lying nature of Elham M. Aghili
Elham M. Aghili is enthusiastically working on her new project. Her accurate technical skills have been developed over time with patience, experimentation and willingness to steadily improve her practice.
She just finished a big installation on display – right now – at CONTEXTILE a Textile Art Biennial in Guimarães, Portugal. She has been selected for this influential context among famous artists from all over the world.

di Barbara Pavan

Maria Ortega, a multidisciplinary artist with a vocation that is expressed through the use of different languages such as photography, sculpture, engraving, painting and textiles, an unavoidable starting point for her entire artistic journey. Maria Ortega, curator, exhibition judge and general director of important events such as the VIII International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTA (Sustainable City).
An interview in which he talks about the artist and the world of contemporary Fiber Art at 360 degrees.

Di Maria Rosaria Roseo

Timeless jeans, a color, a fabric, a story
In this article Tullia talks about costume, about the past exploring the history, the transformations of this fabric, known throughout the world as jeans = blue jeans …

di Tullia Ferrero

My work as a metaphor of art and life: Annita Romano born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1966, is a successful artist who currently lives and works in Paris. In 2006 the surprising and poetic encounter with textile art marks an important moment of transition in life and career. An interview full of ideas and reflections on the intense relationship between the artist and her work.

Di Maria Rosaria Roseo

on cover a detail of her work

Gina Morandini. Teacher, Projet manager, Historian of fashion and costum fabric, Fiber artist. Strongly rooted in her Friuli (she was born on November 15, 1931 in San Giorgio di Nogaro, in the province of Udine), Gina Morandini showed from a very young age a strong and lively personality that reflects well the union between the plain and the lagoon of her land with a thousand panoramas , scents and colors …

di Carmen Romeo

FROM PET TO GOLD – Turning plastic waste into magical and golden fabrics

Elena Redaelli introduces us to the delicate and magical world of the Latvian textile artist Ieva Krūmiņa.
Through a contemporary interpretation of this ancient medium, Ieva reflects upon the importance of the time spent while making the artwork. She defines these special moments like full of possibilities: “rich and never wasted”.

di Elena Redaelli

TUTORIAL: For the first episode of our column, where we’ll explore and try out contemporary textile techniques, Elena have asked Ieva to share with our readers her very personal process of creation.
Thanks to a short tutorial, we’ll be able to transform wasted plastic into a precious golden pattern.
She says her technique has no secrets, and it’s actually very simple to learn and perform, let’s find out together

Itchiku Kubota: Symphony of Light

Itchiku Kubota is considered as one of the most representative and unconventional Japanese textile artists. His work reach beyond the borders of Japan and it is renowned at an international level.
Considered as a Kimono master, his life and art are grounded on an on-going research to overcome, both on a technical and a conceptual level, the tight boundaries of traditional Japanese dressing code. He initiated and promoted new modes of use, changing the Kimono’s proportions and the way it is worn.

di Chiara Carta

NEW STORIES FOR THE CONTEMPORARY TAPESTRY: TERRI FRIEDMAN a multidisciplinary artist who only recently got into textiles, in 2014, and who already exhibited three solo show and numerous group exhibitions featuring her vibrant, undisciplined and pleasantly excessive tapestries. An overview on the themes of her current artistic research and the photos of the solo show that has just ended at the CUE Art Foundation in New York.

Di Maria Rosaria Roseo

A LA DEROBEE (détail) 2017

Edith Meusnier: a dialogue between art and landscape.
Inspired by natural shapes and colours, Edith Meusnier, uses simple materials such as plastic strips and steel wires to create weightless, flexible and transparent installations. Her artworks do not prevail over space but, rather, they become a part of it, engaging in deep dialogue with the environment.

By Maria Rosaria Roseo

Valeria Scuteri, was born in Calabria but moved very young to Turin. After the Academy she starts a constant poetic-formal research where she translates the experience of drawing and painting into large installations, including monumental ones, at the center of which the textile element, the use of a manual loom or off the loom, expresses the profoundly conceptual meaning of all her  work…

Intervista di Barbara Pavan