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From Pinterest to Instagram

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The use of multimedia tools has enabled many of us, despite not having an advanced level of computerization, opening unlimited opportunities to connect with the whole world; if facebook allowed to contact friends and acquaintances in the first place and gradually widen the search towards persons or groups with the same interests (as far as we are concerned, patchwork, quilting and textile arts in general) the other social like Pinterest and Instagram have proven their value how tools for searching and archiving of images.

For many people Pinterest was the first virtual wall:

a world of images and the ability to save, preserve and catalog at will those which struck us … magically the world was there, just a click away!!!

I don’t know about you, but I have traveled far and wide without boundaries or limitations! I still use Pinterest when I want to save, store, find …

Why from Pinterest to Instagram? Instagram offers something different than Pinterest?

Pinterest is a container, and as such static … Instagram a bridge to the universe: dynamic, multifaceted, world of Instagram allows us to appreciate the images but also the evolution of the artistic process of its users.

Follow a hashtag allows us to view images related to our interests, follow an artist gives us the opportunity to follow his creative process.

Some only take pictures of the final result of their work but others, and are actually, in my opinion, the most interesting, photographing Some only take pictures of the final result of their work but others, and are actually, in my opinion, the most interesting, photographing previous steps… sometimes starting from the idea and the primary choice of fabrics and materials with which to achieve it ; each image helps us to see the transformation ofrom the embryonic idea to the finished work, and you realize how really the creative process is personal and unique.

Following the evolution of many artists, some already famous (and generous towards fans) other emerging, you receive stimuli and suggestions on how to handle even our personal growth.

You would think that Facebook offers us the same possibilities. yes… and not, in my opinion.

Let me clarify:

Facebook has been for many people the first social search engine … near and far, sharing news and events related to many different topics … is a large square where you can see, talk, comment … in virtual form but with mode of real square and, because of this characteristic, it is distracting and not focused on a specific interest.

Instagram allows bypass the “chatter” and to concentrate only on what really interests us . The exchange with people is minimal, usually it is limited to a like, we comment only what more what strike us.

For this peculiarity can we observe without distracting and, scrolling the published image gallery, feel the time sequence that generates a finished work.

Scroll through the pictures or view videos in the section explores (very different from the facebook home that displays only a friend’s post) allows us to go back to the user’s page that we didn’t know or we didn’t know how to find and then to find new sources of inspiration or interest.

Still following artists of different nationalities on instagram I understood and begun using the sequence of photos relating to the WIP: photograph the next step gives a precise idea of the way of working of others people and often resulting improvement of our work.

Share unites us, dispel the belief that everyone must keep closed their ideas , it is a fake sensational!

Watching can only bring improvements in our individual path, I repeat:

                                      to share make us unites!

Using Instagram I started to follow the pages of many artists and I discover some new every day. I look some of them with detachment, others hit me and I start to look for them page when I can’t view them in the home page; some of them I admire  and I’ll get talk about.

Not all are famous but many will become: at least personally I am convinced.

I spend a few words to emphasize the importance of using social:

The world today is changing constantly, do not use the web is like putting a bandage over his eyes and cover his ears!

We have no excuses not to do it: anyone are reading this article is able to do research on google, to create an account on facebook, pinterest, instagram (I don’t name other company, starting with Twitter, why not use them and then I am not able to talk about it)

You can start looking on google (or other search engine) the words: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. There are various articles relating to their creation, use, tricks… everything and more!

because search, comparison, the discovery of what they do others who share our passion (yes, because it’s a ours passion) can only enrich our heritage.

Every day we discover a new artist, every day we can get passionate to a new technique, a new challenge, get involved and improve both in knowledge and in skill.  Every day the world is just a click away … let us not miss it!