DE FILO Textile and contemporary art exhibition

May 20 – Dicember 31
Opening May 20,  registrazione obbligatoria QUI
Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale
Via Ghiaie, 55, 24018 Villa d’Almè BG

Mostra DE FILO 150° Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale

For its 150th anniversary Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale will host, until the end of the year, DE FILO: an exhibition of works by leading international exponents of textile and contemporary art

A journey to discover the culture of linen and the excellence of Bergamo’s textile industry, in the year in which the city, together with Brescia, is the Italian Capital of Culture. 

An international reference company for high-quality linen and hemp spinning, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale B Corp is one of the oldest spinning mills in Europe that has maintained its yarns for 150 years, with unique know-how in the textile industry, promoting the culture of flax and the return to the cultivation of the fiber on Italian territory, while at the same time experimenting with cutting-edge sustainable applications of flax and hemp in non-textile sectors such as food packaging and the automotive industry.

Since 1873, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale has been writing a story of unconditional love for the natural fibers of flax and hemp, which is expressed through a deep respect for tradition, a courageous drive for innovation, and a keen sensitivity to culture and the environment.

Mostra DE FILO 150° Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale

In 2023, on the occasion of its 150th anniversary and in the context of the events organized for Bergamo-Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura, this Italian textile excellence is experiencing a unique year, marked by numerous new develpments and events dedicated to the company, its protagonists and the territory in which it operates.

There are few realities that can boast a history like that of Linificio. A history that, like the masterfully produced threads, is inextricably intertwined with tradition, culture and territory, building around it a true value chain that, in addition to the factory, embraces much broader concepts such as sustainability, art, community and many others.

Traditionally active in numerous social responsibility projects, as evidenced also by recently obtaining the B-Corp certification, the Linificio operates with the ultimate goal of creating and spreading culture, not just textiles.

Matteo Berra, Spettro, 2023

It is precisely with the intention of making itself a bearer of culture that, on the occasion of this important milestone, the company has decided to give life to DE FILO: the textile and contemporary art exhibition that will enliven the company’s premises starting May 20.

Held inside the headquarters of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale in Villa d’Almé (BG) in an industrial space formerly used for winding, the exhibition starts from the Italian industrial tradition, passes through the languages of communication and lands in art to tell the story and philosophy of the company and spread the ancient culture of linen.

A tribute to the Italian textile industry and its possible sustainable visions, declined through multiple interpretations of contemporary art, stimulating new reflections on humanity, relationships, nature and industry.

Mostra DE FILO 150° Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale

From these assumptions, DE FILO, a concept with multiple meanings and experiential contrasts, is unraveled: unthread to loosen threads or connections, coiling neatly or uncoiling freely, spinning to tighten or to expand, weaving to protect or to connect. DE FILO proposes a possible multidisciplinary exploration of the object “thread” (using “DE” in the sense of the Latin preposition “concerning” but also “on” the thread) and, through the work of contemporary artists and designers in the textile and non-textile fields, intends to convey messages related to the Linificio, its history, places, products, technologies, and especially sustainable innovations and pioneering new applications. From yarns for linen and hemp textiles to actions to safeguard the seabed (Marevivo), from natural nets for food packaging (L!NCREDIBLE ®) to compensation initiatives to protect biodiversity, as well as cultural, educational and territorial enhancement activities: these are just some of the projects that have characterized the company’s history in recent times and that give way to the interpretation of some of the works featured in the exhibition.

The exhibition features the works of more than 20 exponents of national and international textile and contemporary art: starting with site-specific works by Kaori Miyayama, Matteo Berra and street artist Moneyless, designed and created directly for the environments of the Linificio. Among the artists featured in the exhibition are works by: Matthew Attard, Daniela Frongia, Eva and Franco Mattes, Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego, Giulia Nelli, Valeria Scuteri and Mimmo Totaro.

Mostra DE FILO 150° Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale

Conceived by NT Next – Evolving Communication, DE FILO is the result of months of research and in-depth industry studies. The exhibition is, in fact, part of a larger project of strategic communication and involvement of all Linificio’s stakeholders that has led to the creation of the company’s new coordinated image, the updating of communication tools and the organization of events, open days and meetings with schools: a set of initiatives focused on planting new ideas and enhancing creativity even in areas that are only apparently distant.

In addition to the special event on May 20, which will also includes an exclusive tour of the production spaces, it will be possible to register for exhibition days (a series of Fridays throughout the year) at:

To register for the special open-day on May 20 – visit exhibition and company: 619466088747

DE FILO-150° Linificio. Andrea Sbra Perego e Federica Patera, Paesaggio Immaginale, 2017

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale for sustainability and biodiversity:
L!NCREDIBLE®- 100% Linen Super Sustainable Packaging

The revolutionary line of products for food packaging made from a 100% linen yarn with very high strength and toughness produced in partnership with KUKU International Packaging. Virtuous, organic and eco-friendly, it can replace plastic in food packaging due to its versatility.

L!NCREDIBLE linen is also used in a new artistic guise in Matteo Berra’s work ‘Spettro’ in the exhibition DE FILO.


Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale has supported Marevivo in an operation to recover and safeguard the seabed that has been freed from fishing lines and artificial lures that wrap around gorgonian branches and threaten the underwater ecosystem of the Argentario promontory. The initiative is in line with the sustainable development goals that a B Corp certified company like Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale pursues.


One of the initiatives to reduce the company’s environmental impact is the planting of 1,000 new trees, one for each Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale employee, at the Sila Piccola biogenetic reserve in Calabria, with the aim of mitigating almost all of the CO2 emissions produced by the company’s fleet and protecting the natural heritage and biodiversity of the area that has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 2014.


Linificio e Canapificio Nazione promotes not only the culture, but also the cultivation of linen. Lino d’Italia is the first 100% Italian linen yarn with a traceable supply chain born on flax fields grown in Italy and spun at the Villa d’Almé location.

It is a hymn to excellence, savoir-faire and the tradition of flax cultivation that has returned to Italy thanks to the outreach promoted by Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale.


Linen as it once was. 1873 is the founding year of Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, which celebrates 150 years this year. From a seed as pure as the nature that selected it, comes a linen yarn made according to tradition. Only Linificio, thanks to its know-how rooted in 150 years of business, is able to select and produce the purest, certified linen yarn that preserves its properties intact.

La forza di un’onda di fragili fili

About Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale

Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, founded in 1873 and now part of the Marzotto Group, is one of Europe’s oldest companies, a symbol of Italian excellence and an international benchmark for spinning high-quality linen and hemp for the apparel and home furnishings sector and technical applications.

A Benefit and B Corp™ company, Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale has for years been actively committed to changing the current economic model to one that is more equitable and sustainable, both environmentally and socially.

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