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In collaboration with SCD Textile and Art Studio Perugia

Artists: Elham M.Aghili, Susanna Cati, Olga Teksheva, Yukoh Tsukamoto
Curated by: Manuela Caucino and Barbara Pavan
Dates: April 2 – May 2 2021 (by appointment only)
Venue: 36Mazal, Quartino, Ticino, Switzerland
Info: e-mail / / mob.+39 327 493 4187

An inexhaustible source of inspiration and reflection that embraces all the arts of all times, nature is the protagonist of the new project promoted and organized by SCD Textile & Art Studio of Perugia and 36Mazal of Quartino, Ticino (Switzerland).

From 2 April to 2 May 2021, the two galleries present DE RERUM NATURA, an exhibition that brings together the works of four contemporary artists – Elham M. Aghili, Susanna Cati, Olga Teksheva and Yukoh Tsukamoto – with as many excellent works of the oriental tradition .

Different languages ​​for a single muse – nature – and a single medium – the textile one, albeit declined according to different registers; each artist has in fact interpreted the theme according to her own sensitivity and cultural background and moving within the context of the personal artistic research. The common denominator of the materials and techniques linked to fibers and fabrics is the formal thread along which an ideal exhibition itinerary unfolds, involving re-elaborations and suggestions that draw equally from ancient craft traditions as from contemporary contents of art, from the epic and poetry as well as from the spiritual and existential dimension of the individual.

To ‘browse’ the exhibition from 3 April the free digital catalog is available on request at