Deborah Kruger: Plumas

Italiano (Italian)

Venue:  on
November 6th to February 15, 2022
Venue:  Proyectos Galería Mexico City
November 5th to December 11th
Address:  Calle Lucerna 1, Interior 100, Colonia Juarez, Mexico City, Mexico, 06000
Open to the public:   Saturdays from 2-6, or by appointment via WhatsApp 52-55-1957-1452
Curator Micheal Swank, Cultural Manager Rodrigo Arciniega

Plumas is’s premiere show in the newly expanded exhibition and residency space in Mexico City.
Deborah Kruger’s recent work focuses on the extinction of Mexican bird species, the death of Mexican indigenous languages, and the impacts of climate change on migration. Kruger uses the saturated Mexican colors which characterize her work to mimic bird plumage. She hopes to seduce her viewers, raise awareness, and inspire action about all that we are on the verge of losing.

“The feathers in my abstract wall reliefs and sculptures are made from recycled plastic bags. The bags serve to remind us how corporate greed coupled with our unquenchable consumption drive the loss of habitat and contributes to these extinctions.”


The feathers and ceramics in this exhibition are silk-screened and hand-painted with images from Kruger’s drawings of endangered birds and then overprinted with text in endangered Mexican languages such as Tzotzil, Yakme, Zoque, and Purépecha, whose last living speakers are in steep decline.
Tapestry design and patternmaking influenced Deborah Kruger’s work since her training in textile design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.
She has exhibited her work in museums and galleries in the USA and Mexico since the 1980s, is currently part of the Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo, and represented Mexico in the Art Textile Biennial traveling to two locations in Australia in 2021.
In 2022, Kruger will have a solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Raul Anguiano in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico followed by a solo exhibition in 2023 at Visions Art Museum, San Diego, CA.

Barbara Pavan

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