Elena Destro

Italiano (Italian)

Hi all! I am a Creative Collaborator for Aurifil Srl and mostly deal with Sales & Marketing. I came up withthe Textile industry back in 2012. At that time I was a 25 years old girl, with a degree in Marketing and International Markets.From the very beginning I felt a strong affinity  and curiosity for such a creative and eclectic context and this encouraged me to get back to hand stitching, a passion I used to cultivate as a child. In my first years of experience at Aurifil, I collaborated to the expansion of our market share in the US, getting to know hundreds of quilts shops, sewing centers and big online stores. Between 2015 and 2017, I coordinated most part of the design process of thread sets and collections creation, collaborating with international quilt & patchwork leading designers and fabric companies.

From January 2018, I manage the reboot of our brand on the Italian Market.

Elly & ArteMorbida

Through my collaboration as hosted author for Arte Morbida, I’d like to bring young people closer to the fantastic world of Textiles, in all its forms and most interesting declinations, commercial and not.

I will have the pleasure to open a window on a series of topics that intrigue me, to talk about creativity and show you how the top quality Made in Italy thread industry keeps up with new market trends and needs.

Join me in my trip through the soft waves designed by needle and thread!