Elisa Monfasani

Italiano (Italian)

Since her early years Elisa showed a certain propensity for the field of the arts, graduating in Figurative Arts at the “Bruno Cassinari” Art School in Piacenza. Her passion for ancient and contemporary textile art stems from her training as a Restorer of Textile and Leather Materials and Artifacts. In parallel with her restoration work, since September 2020, she has been the Administrator and Social Media Editor of the “Festina Lente Studio” profile, where she works with her colleague Emanuela Fistos to spread the knowledge of textile art. Recently, she joined the editorial staff of the website “Storie Parallele”, created in 2019 as an educational and popular tool for history and archaeology.

Her mission in ArteMorbida is to bring the reader into contact with “material quality” of art objects; the observation of the “micro”, of the commodity aspects of textile artefacts, are in fact fundamental to approach the “macro”, to an understanding of the work of art in its entirety.