ELIZABETH ARO: Vincerà la Bellezza (Beauty will conquer)

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: Montagna in gouache. Copyright Elizabeth Aro

Fantastik Lab, Valencia
C/ Poeta Navarro Cabanes 6 bajo

46018, Valencia, Spain

Opening 3 June at 6.00 pm
Free entrance

El zopilote en Babs. Copyright Elizabeth Aro

Fantastik Lab is pleased to present Elizabeth Aro’s solo exhibition, Vincerà la bellezza (Beauty will conquer).

Elisabeth Aro’s exhibition presents works in precious fabrics, such as the velvet installed on one of the walls of the venue. The exhibition is enriched by her new series of gouaches on paper, started in Paris in the prestigious artistic residence Cité Internationale Des Arts.

The exhibition emphasises the colour red as a common thread among works that refer more closely to elements of nature. The paper used is often folded and crumpled as a metaphor for detaching the value of mistakes at the moment of creation. The intensity of the red varies depending on the angle of observation and it appears in its different nuances. We also find 2 artists’ books that are delicately painted with burgundy gouache and represent the beginning of this new series. The name of the exhibition is borrowed from a phrase by Tonino Guerra, poet, writer and screenwriter of Michelangelo Antonioni. The artist shares his view on the importance of reflecting on the relationship between man and nature.

El zopilote detail. Copyright Elizabeth Aro

Elizabeth Aro was born in Buenos Aires, lived in Spain and now lives in Italy. She measures with different media, with a particular preference for drawing and sculpture, which she makes out of fabric that she sews, models and embroiders, and that she often stretches to important environmental installation dimensions. Elizabeth Aro, having an interest in the psychological and emotional relationship of human beings with their natural and social context, explores the ways in which architectural environments affect the viewer – both mentally and physically, creating spaces of poetic density in which fantasy merges with reality. SOLO EXHIBITIONS: Espacio Uno, Museo Nacional Reina Sofía; Le Fil du Monde at Fondazione Filatoio Rosso Caraglio, Cuneo; Santa Sangre, Moritzkirche, Augsburg (2015) Los Otros, Ex Chiesa di San Carpoforo/Accademia di Brera, Milan, Dreaming in Red, Chateau La Napoule, Mandieliu, France; Brumas, Nuova Galleria Morone, Miano; Provisorio para siempre, Galleria Canepaneri, Genova; Mundo e Los otros, Gagliardi e Domke, Torino. COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: BienNolo, Ex fabbrica Cova, Milan, Biennale Internationale de L’Art Contemporain, Casablanca, La rivoluzione siamo Noi – Collezionismo Italiano Contemporaneo, XNL Piacenza Contemporanea, Take me with you, Mori Museum (Tokyo, 2006) I filo raccontato, Museo de Trento y Rovereto (2002). La Escuela del Sur, el taller de Torres García y su legado (1991) Archer M. Huntington Gallery (Austin), Museo Monterrey

Copyright Elizabeth Aro

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Elizabeth Aro at work