Federica Luzzi: “Shell, del crepuscolo o dell’alba” (Shell, of twilight or dawn)

Italiano (Italian)

Galleria La Nuova Pesa | Centro per l’arte contemporanea
Via del Corso, 530
00186 Roma
tel. +39 06 3610892 |
January 10 – March 4
From Monday to Friday, 10-13.30 and 16-19.30

Fourth exhibition of the “REALIA” cycle at the Galleria La Nuova Pesa in Rome: from 10 January 2022 it will be possible to visit Federica Luzzi’s “Shell, of twilight or dawn”.

The three main rooms and the office will host works that the artist has created during the domestic confinement from 2020 to today: sculptures in the experimental technique of knots with cotton rope and hematite powder, in a vertical loom weaving technique with linen yarn of, hand-carved linden wood, drawings and photographs.

Federica Luzzi (Rome 1970) is interested in the natural tendency of an idea to be translated into action and to verify the polysemy, including the ambivalence that an image can present in different contexts, leaving it to always have the same title: Shell.  Shell is the title of the cycle of works begun in ’99, deliberately not translated because in the English language it corresponds more fully to the innumerable associative images linked to it: shell, seashell, casing, pod, armor, scale, flakes, light boat, scheme, sketch of a blueprint, inner coffin case, bark, carcass, skeleton, appearance, semblance, bullet, grenade, cartridge, cartridge case, handguard, electronic layer.

The linen yarn is supplied by the Boccia textile factory of Terzigno (NA) and San Leucio Silk of Caserta

Admissions will be limited in full compliance with current rules.

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“Shell, del crepuscolo o dell’alba” Federica Luzzi