Federica Patera e Andrea Sbra Perego – Follow the Thread

Italiano (Italian)


Site specific installation, variable dimensions Approx cm.300x200x100
Medium: nylon fabric regenerated from pre- and post- consumer waste, wire (2023)


The installation is part of the Roots series, which is inspired by the connection between words and reality, and, deeply, between language and cosmogony. On Our Way is composed by words belonging to different languages, even very distant from each other in space and time – from English to Greek, Latin to Sanskrit, Gothic to Ancient Icelandic, to name a few – which tell their common origin, often forgotten or distorted, starting from the verbal roots, and explain how linguistic variety has made possible to know the world in detail, to get closer to it. This multiplicity gives full vigor to the creation: the more details you find the greater its definition will be, the more their variety the greater our understanding. Words are loaded with a particular meaning, developed starting from the same verbal root immersed in different cultures, of which languages are the voice, and placed side by side create narratives; they are like small and powerful caskets, represent the stages of a journey and tell different and complementary aspects of reality. In a historical moment in which communication is at the center of attention, the artistic duo creates a connection between the linguistic sphere and the world trying to understand its complexity. On Our Way is an immersive installation that people can walk through; it is a journey through languages, which is also a journey through the centuries and in space. A sort of time machine: the world is represented by the words of a multitude of languages, inscribed on the skin and in the eyes of the people, like volatile tattoos.


The duo was officially born in 2017 with the RAR project, which focuses on the value of the analogy in literature. At the heart of their investigation is the dynamic that leads reading to become writing, and other way the user to become a creator, a maker, mixing roles. They are now working on the Roots project inspired by the link that exists between language and cosmogony. Their work has been exhibited in solo shows by art galleries, such as Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art in Turin and Manuel Zoia Gallery in Milan, and in Art Fair such as ArtVerona and WOP in Lugano (CH). In 2021 they were finalists in the Cramum Award. Between October 2022 and January 2023, they took part in the World Textile Biennale – Italian Act. Their artworks are part of the permanent collection of museums in Italy and Lithuania. In January 2023 they started their collaboration with the Ivy Brown Gallery (New York).



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