Festival Textile Manifacture

Italiano (Italian)

International festival of textile crafts, textile art and design
24 – 26 March 2023 Maretsch Castle, Bolzano

Il Festival é l’incontro internazionale dei creativi e professionisti tessili dal 24 al 26 marzo 2023 nel Castel Mareccio a Bolzano.

In occasion of the Festival Textile Manufactur, 6th edition, a new renowned location has been found in the historical centre of Bolzano: the Mareccio Castle. An ancient mansion is going to be the proper frame for a unique exhibition of top-rated products created in local and international textile workshops and factories.

It is one of our main goals at the European Textile Academy to promote international cooperation in the textile production field. We believe our Festival represents a valuable chance to get to know, share and exchange the quality, the creativity and the design from North and South Europe. Traditional techniques will be displayed next to the most up-to-date ones.

Visitors too will get a special opportunity to closely see and appreciate top-level handiwork or workshop creations, fabrics, unusual textile design and eco-friendly oriented manufacturing.

A much esteemed tourist attraction, Bolzano makes available an international clientele and an increasing number of visitors each year. The trend is set thanks to a high-quality offer and efficient infrastructure. All those taking part to the Festival as exhibitors will enjoy a double opportunity, to let new customers welcome their creations and get to know others’ selected production, in a profitable mutual exchange of creativity and know-how.

A special event dedicated to the European craft and factories

A cultural event of international importance that promotes the best of contemporary and traditional crafts and art professions and their connections with the world of design. A meeting full of experiences and discoveries with the actors of the selected national and international manufactures. A unique opportunity to get in direct contact with the masters and exhibitors and participate in a conference program or workshop on craft, design and sustainability. The festival celebrates a creative atmosphere, craftsmanship and exceptional products.

Wrapped in silk – Phulkari

In Seide gehuellt -Phulkari

The embroidery technique Phulkari means “flower-work” or “flower-garden” in Punjab and was originally the name for all kinds of large embroidered headscarves. These embroideries, traditionally made by Women, originate from the north of India, especially from Punjab.

The history of phulkari dates back to the time when women ofall religions made and wore these embroidered textiles.
Just as gold is passed down through generations, phulkaris in the early 19th century signified a woman’s material wealth and were considered an important part of her wardrobe. They were usually worn as shawls that were pulled over the head on special occasions such as weddings, births and other rituals. The design of the phulkaris varies from region to region, are partly embroidered according to memory or embroidered according to old patterns. The work on the phulkaris is already started with the birth of a girl by her grandmother, introduced by rituals and prayers. In Hindu regions, people also embroider figural motifs and entire everyday scenes.

Richard Vill, President of the European Textile Academy, said: “This exhibition illustrating the artistic, cultural and political significance of the Phulkari was long overdue and is sure to delight visitors who are not familiar with this extraordinary art form.

Avvolto nella seta -Phulkari

Natural Fibers - Sustainable alternatives

„Plant Fibers“ Trendzone Festival Textile Manufacture

After the great success of the 2021 exhibition “Plant Fibers”, the European Textile Academy at the Textile Festival 2023 will show visitors and interested parties an insight into the thematic field of natural fibres as sustainable alternatives in the textile sector as well as in contemporary architecture. On display will be a selection from the archive of natural fibres of the Textile Academy of Bolzano, their possible uses, functions and technical properties. The “Natural fibres” exhibition is aimed specifically at fashion and textile manufacturers, architects, interior designers and designers. Design professionals, students and interested people will find a wealth of information on traditional and innovative new fibres. Patterns, textiles and materials can be experienced, compared and explored with all the senses.
Natural fibres are the material basis of our existence and our culture, perfect in form and useful at the same time. They are renewable local resources, store carbon and are completely biodegradable. Processing fabrics and building with natural fibres not only has an exemplary ecological balance, but also positive social, economic and cultural aspects: Local know-how is preserved and further developed, jobs are created locally, traditional building forms are taken up and revitalised. Natural fibres Fibres in fashion and architecture also have a high sensual and haptic quality that does not remain hidden.