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Roma Arte in Nuvola first edition proves the growing interest around the Fiber Art movement.  Several galleries present works by historical, contemporary and emerging artists, from Maria Lai‘s works presented at the Milano’s M77 Gallery to the large tapestries at Modena’s Antonio Verolino Gallery. These are by modern artists such as Max Ernst and Alexander Calder or contemporary ones such as Enzo Cucchi and Mimmo Paladino.

Maria Lai – Galleria M77  (Milano)

A comparison through this ancient and complex technique, with some of the exhibited pieces made on the authors’ cartoons (on display) by one of the oldest tapestry workshops in Aubusson. In addition, Verolino’s booth shows “Black Stars“, a triptych by Arthur Duff made of polyester rope on an iron frame. The artist is also entrusted with one of the SPECIAL PROJECTS – “Lick ’em or join ’em”. He focuses his research on creating visual and physical spaces of experience reconfigured between the digital and the virtual through laser projections and pulsating images.

At Prometeo Gallery, we can find works that combine textiles art, civil activism, social and political engagement. On display, two pieces by Ruben Montini, the large “Cosa resterà di me?”, made out of Sardinian brocade sewn on cotton, and “Dilan 3”, mixed media on carpet by Zehra Dogan, a Kurdish artist and journalist of Turkish citizenship, arrested in 2016 for her activities on social media including the publication of a painting with Turkish flags on Nusaybin’s destroyed buildings.

I am Zehra Doğan, Dîlan 3, 2021, tecnica mista su tappeto, 162 x 166.50 cm courtesy Prometeo Gallery

Domenica Regazzoni‘s refined and delicate works are exhibited by Milan’s Artespressione, a selection of Haiku and Monoprint, unique pieces in which the artist experiments with chalcographic techniques through the use of gauze.

Federica Luzzi‘s work, dedicated to Masaki Iwana and proposed by Simona Marchini’s La Nuova Pesa Gallery, is always unmistakable and essential.

Federica Luzzi 1

Federica Luzzi, Galleria La Nuova Pesa

Federica Luzzi 2

Federica Luzzi, Galleria La Nuova Pesa

Maro Fasouli‘s research is also worth mentioning. She revisits the artist’s craft by bringing to the forefront the connections between bodily practices, work and gender, which take shape in material tapestries such as those exhibited by Athens’ Alibi Gallery. Fasouli is one of the founders of the artistic group “Under Construction”, with which she has participated in exhibitions, residencies and performances.

Maro Fasouli, Galleria Alibi di Atene

Maro Fasouli, Galleria Alibi di Atene

Maro Fasouli, Galleria Alibi di Atene

In conversation with the works of Giosetta Fioroni, Rome’s Galleria Fidia introduces a very young newcomer, Armadilly. The exhibition brings together two pop generations, two women with extravagant and disruptive personalities whose expressive language has its roots in the 1940s and 1950s pop experience in New York and London. Armadilly brings the dynamics of social networks and the universe of a generation of bored teenagers into her works through embroidered comics.  She investigates the relationship with one’s own body and those behavioural and aesthetic norms of which more or less famous Influencers are champions and supporters.

Finally, Rome’s Pavart Gallery presents a textile work by Olga Teksheva, the Russian artist who creates tapestries and installations using fabrics and objets trouvés.

Olga Teksheva, Galleria Pavart di Roma

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