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After its debut in the ArteMorbida stand at Bergamo Arte Fiera last January, thanks to the collaboration with Le Arti Tessili APS, XS PROJECT lands at the Galleria di Arte Tessile Contemporanea Gina Morandini in Maniago (PD) starting 15 April 2023, thus continuing the mission of the magazine specialised in international contemporary fibre art, i.e. the diffusion and promotion of art expressions related to textile techniques and materials. Second stage with 94 works by artists from different countries of the world selected through two successive calls for entries and that maintain the rigorous common characteristic of the small size – 30×30 cm – as well as that of the medium. Once again, ArteMorbida offers a broad overview of the different declinations of fibre art in a comparison of different backgrounds and traditions and a plurality of experimentations that trace the evolution and development of ‘textile art’. From eco-sustainable fibres to the upcycling of waste materials, from weaving to hot manipulation, from yarn to fabric, plastic to metal, the exhibition is an opportunity to bring a wider public closer to discovering the work of a variety of artists**.  It is also an opportunity to reflect on the dynamics that support and enable artistic research, not least the encouragement of a new and young collectionism, remembering – as we have often written – that one becomes a collector one artwork at a time, often starting with small works and discovering that buying art is often more affordable than we think, but above all it is good for everyone: for artists, galleries and culture, but especially for those who surround themselves with it. Commissioning or buying art is a practice that – generation after generation – has handed countries like Italy a heritage of immense beauty that is now public and usable by all.

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The commitment of ArteMorbida in the promotion of fibre art does not end here. A few days ago, in fact, THE COLLECTOR’S CORNER was inaugurated, a new section of the online magazine that will showcase the work of artists selected by our experts in the sector on an international level: a space to which enthusiasts, the curious and collectors can turn to discover talents – young and promising or established and now recognised globally. A service that can be used free of charge by the public, which is also useful for finding one’s way around the galleries and art spaces that regularly exhibit works of fibre art. (

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