Threads, ropes and weavings

Italiano (Italian)

Fiber Art at Sermoneta’s “Festival of Time”

Until the 25th of October, you’ve time to visit the installations part of the “Festival del tempo” second edition held in Sermoneta (LT, Italy).

For this festival edition, the founder and curator Roberta Melasecca wanted to address the relationship between time and environment and reflect on time’s ephemeral and precarious aspects.

Isabella Corda. Performance

In this unique frame, Textile Art has found a proper space. It is a shared medium among the selected artists but expressed in diverse languages.

Isabella Corda’ performance with Daniele Casolino and Tiziana Cesarini opened the festival; an interaction between dance and music to accompany the live interweaving of a ropes’ installation meant to give shape and mark time.

Ropes bind us together like the years that pass by, without a pause. Each string is an experience, a fragment, the memory of a past emotion, but just as time binds us simultaneously; it makes us free and capable of enjoying the present moment.

Isabella Corda. Performance

Daniela Frongia’s “FOWS” uses modules made by the artist during her trips. These elements embody the emotions and the “breath” of the places where they were produced. Textile landscapes, woven pieces taken from previous installations that behold their spirit and memory, will never be installed like before when in a new space.

As life is a continuous becoming, the artwork and the installation process are a never-ending flow where time and space are always the same and yet always different.

Daniela Friongia. Flow

The environmental installation and homonymous performance “NON ABBIAMO LA STOFFA DELLE TARTARUGHE”, which was held at the opening event, brought together Emanuela Lena’s weft of threads Giovanna Iorio’s poetic texts, Silvia Stucky’s images and Pierluigi Puglisi’s music (accessible via QR codes).

These elements, installed among the tree branches, invite reflection on the bonds of harmony and balance that sustain life. As science and nature teach us, everything is interconnected.

Silvia Stucky e Emanuela Lena

Themes as interconnection and reflection on the environment returns in Biagio Castilletti’s double intervention. In his work: CENT’ANNI, he uses twine, elements recovered from the beach and recycled plastic, referring (in the title) to the time it takes for these materials to decay and disappear entirely.

Biagio Castilletti

Four circles covered by a circular weaving made out of leaves represent the world’s four ages and the cycle of nature. Saba Najafi’s installation refers to the symbol familiar to many UROBOROS’ cultures. A snake or dragon bites its tail, forming a circle with no end and beginning, apparently motionless but constantly in movement. This image conveys the power that destroys and regenerates itself, the universal energy consumed and renewed, the unity, the world’s totality.

The “Festival del Tempo” adheres to the 2030 Agenda and the 17 UN goals.

Saba Najafi