First announced artists of the Textile Art Biennial BIEN 2023

Italiano (Italian)

Textile Art Biennial BIEN 2023
Kranj, Škofja Loka, Jesenice, Slovenia
31. 5.–10. 8. 2023

The coming spring and summer in Gorenjska, Slovenia will be marked by the new edition of the textile art biennial BIEN 2023. The art exhibition with accompanying program will take place between May 31 and August 10 in Kranj, Škofja Loka, Jesenice and in the digital space. The announced names signify the main emphasis of the occasion, which centers around the topic of the sun as portrayed through textile and environmental art.

First names announced: Kaarina Kellomäki (FI), Nnenna Okore (US/NG/AU), Paolo Puck (VB), Marija Mojca Pungerčar (SI), Habiba Nowrose (BD), Adriane Colburn (US), Oloop (SI), Kolektiv Roka (SI), Kreativnice (SI)

Finnish textile and environmental artist Kaarina Kellomäki combines fiber, textile and landart. Her installations only exist for the duration of the exhibition for which they are created. Australian-Nigerian artist Nnenna Okore lives in the US where she researches, teaches and creates with organic materials. She will exhibit her new work made of bioplastic materials in Škrlovec Tower in Kranj. British artist Paolo Puck will be a guest of the BIEN art residency, where he will create one of his textile sculptures on the theme of the sun, seeking inspiration in myths, fairy tales and archetypes. One of the most important representatives of engaged textile art in Slovenia, Marija Mojca Pungerčar, presents herself at the biennale with a playful exhibition of miniature dresses that warns against excessive consumption. Adriane Colburn, an American environmental artist and researcher, is fascinated by global systems, the natural world, materiality and climate disruption. Habiba Nowrose is a photographic and visual artist from Bangladesh who creates portraits of people hidden in richly colored textile overlays.

BIEN 2023 focuses on textile communities. We will form and research them through the CONNECT program, and at the exhibition, in addition to the results created at the workshops of the Oloop group, we will exhibit works from the contemporary textile hub Kreativnice and the Roka collective, discovering handicrafts and awakening cultural heritage.