Italiano (Italian)

Curated by Barbara Pavan
In collaboration with Erika Lacava, Anna Rita Punzo, Margaret Sgarra, Maria Chiara Wang
October 28-December 3, 2023
Opening Saturday, October 28, 2023, 4 p.m.

Museo del Ricamo e del Tessile, via Gorizia 19/30, Palazzo Comunale, Valtopina (PG)
Wednesdays and Saturdays 3:30 – 6:30 p.m. or by appointment
Info +39 339 340 7299 e-mail
Free admission
Under the patronage of Umbria Region and Municipality of Valtopina
Promoted by SCD Textile&Art Studio |

The Museum of Embroidery and Textiles of Valtopina (Perugia), Italy, opens the international contemporary art exhibition FORGETME(K)NOT on Saturday 28th October 2023 (4.00 pm), a project promoted by SCD Textile&Art Studio, under the patronage of the Umbria Region and the Municipality of Valtopina, curated by Barbara Pavan in collaboration with Erika Lacava, Anna Rita Punzo, Margaret Sgarra and Maria Chiara Wang.

The handkerchief is a domestic and common object that holds a layering of meanings. If today we associate the term with a disposable item that – moreover – is banal and environmentally unfriendly, for a long time it was an accessory that was treated with care and attention in its realisation and to which a plurality of messages were entrusted depending on its use. From the simplest fabrics to the most refined ones, often embellished with figures and monograms, handkerchiefs have a long history intertwined with female hands – that transformed them into small embroidery masterpieces – and with the hearts of women – pledges of love or vehicles of seduction in times when gestures and objects were dense with meanings. To this plurality of meanings that oscillate between opposite events, the dimension of memory must be added. The knot on the handkerchief is in fact the symbol par excellence of the need to remember, a warning not to forget something important.

To this small square of cloth, therefore, is entrusted the meaning of this exhibition: to keep alive and vigilant the attention on an issue that is unfortunately still of great topicality through works that evoke or use a knotted handkerchief to which is consigned the testimony or memory of discrimination, violence, and abuse perpetrated against an individual woman or a group of women in the private or public sphere, in any country in the world. A knot not to forget the (denied) rights of women. The artists selected through an international call for entries come from different geographical areas, backgrounds and generations and return a multiplicity of voices that investigate the complexity of this matter down to its most hidden, ambiguous and deceptive implications. On display the works of: Luciana Aironi, Pietrina Atzori, Loren Batt, Luciana Bellotti, Manuela Bieri, Paola Calcatelli, Beryl Cameron, Susanna Cati, Michela Cavagna, Meri Ciuchi, Tiziana Contu, Isabelle Cosnard, Rosita D’Agrosa, Francesca Di Ciaula, Sarah Dochow, Jolanda Drukker Murray, Rana Feghali, Magdalena Fermina, Patrizia Benedetta Fratus, Irma Frijlink, Donatella Giagnacovo, Grazia Inserillo, Marisa Iotti, Alisa Kaufman, Monika Kosior, Ada Krenz, Cinzia Li Volsi, Beatrice Loth, Sara Lovari, Flavia Michelutti, Antonella Muresu, Dimana Nakova, Barbara Pala, Piotr Pandyra, Giulio Patrizi, Anouchka Perez, Catherine Primot, Beata Prochowska, Céline Ramio, Olga Teksheva, Chantal Tichit, Patrizia Trevisi, Patrizia Valcarenghi, Nancy Van Dijk, Eliana Vessi Rosell, Asta Lena Volkensfeld.

The exhibition will be open until 3 December 2023, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 3.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. or by appointment on tel. (+39) 339 340 7299.

On Sunday 19 November from 11 a.m., the Embroidery and Textile Museum will host ‘Eleven minutes and a half’, a performance by Francesca Di Ciaula.