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Raffaella Lupi presents FELT SCULPTURES

Italiano (Italian)

Natural Contaminations

Artists: Tiziana Abretti, Eva Basile, Maria Cristina Bettini, Daniela Costanzo Giorgio, Marilù

Cecchini,Valentina Dentello, Cristiana Di Nardo, Natascia Gasperoni, Barbara Girardi, Cinzia Li Volsi, Diana

Poidimani, Laura Sassi, Claudio Varone, Esther Weber

Curators: Eva Basile and Lydia Predominato

ArtisticDirection: Raffaella Lupi, Lydia Predominato

Other works on show by:

Alberto Bardi, Philippe Cardillo, Anna Romanello

Inauguration: 11 April, 2019 , 18:00 hrs.

Sinopia Galleria – Rome

Deadline:  30 May, 2019

As a result of the dialogue between arts and materials, we face an original progejct dedicated to a material of ancient origin, born in the cold territories of Asia and meant to keep away the chill, resulting from the manipulation of water and fibers, i.e. felt.  Felt has become part of the  fiber art as early a ten years ago.


This exhibtion reflects Sinopia’s multidisciplinary vocation.  In the course of the years the Gallery has exhibited shows of ceramics, glass, and fiber art, focusing on contamination and a dialogue between the various media and materials giving space to a continuous experimentation and research.

The different artistic approach and concepts of the artists’ oeuvres are convered by Eva Basile and Lydia Predominato’s critic considerations.

One of felt’s quality is its environmental sustainability: It ,in fact, is biodegradable, can be recycled, and reused. The choice of felt indicates as art and design play a paramount  role in re-designing  life styles  that take care of the environent and bring about new social habits.SinopiaGalllery has always been in favor of the use of ecomaterials focusing also on sustainability , rational use of natural resources, etc. The contemporary art has to deal with environmental problems presenting works that give evidence to these problems.

In the first days of May, the outdoor collection named Sinopia Landscape, curated by Cloe Berni and Livia Ducoli will be presented.  It exhbits furniture elements for the outdoor, andis inspired by tree barks.  On the same day, there will be a demonstration of how to produce felt.

During the whole show period, there will be presentations of collections, laboratories, and so on. Please check on Sinopia site.

Visitn Hours: From Tuesday to Saturday  10:30to 19:30 hrs – Mondays on request – Colsed om sundaysachiuso

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