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June 28 – July 30, 2023
curated by Sabino Maria Frassà
Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine

At Palazzo Morando | Costume Moda Immagine the Silenzio Condiviso exhibition by Giulia Nelli, winner in 2022 of the ninth edition of the Cramum Prize.

Silenzi nei vuoti dell’attesa, 2023 collant nero diverse densità (den), installazione site-specific, dimensioni ambientali

The exhibition is part of the collaboration between the Francesco Messina Studio Museum, temporarily closed for restoration, and the non-profit Cramum project around the themes of contemporary sculpture.

Silenzio condiviso (Shared Silence) is thus housed in the new wing of Palazzo Morando, a museum which, alongside the collection of paintings, sculptures and prints and the eighteenth-century reception rooms, exhibits the extraordinary heritage of costume and fashion of the Municipality of Milan on a rotating basis.

Pellegrini di luce, 2023 collant nero e pastello a olio, h60x40 cm

The works of Giulia Nelli on display enter into dialogue not only with the space, but also with the collections: the artist has in fact chosen nylon stockings as an expressive medium to give life to organic grids that have always characterized her art.

In the three rooms of the exhibition, site-specific works alternate with other hypnotic textile works to compose immersive environments and silent reflection, in which the visitor is called to enter and to push his gaze beyond the voids, starting right from the fullness of the material.

The main engine of Giulia Nelli’s research lies in this “perceptive effort”: giving shape to reticular structures that are imperfect at first sight, almost molded on old forms and distant memories, the artist represents the complexity and uncontrollability of our social life.

With her work, Giulia Nelli embroiders her thoughts in space: light and gentle, but also marked and impetuous. In her  words: “I make myself empty. In art, as in life, there must be no dominion or control over the other. To share oneself with others there is  no need to impose oneself, but rather to learn to listen”, silence seems to be both the only answer and the most intimate form of relationship possible.

Against a society of fast and fleeting images, Giulia Nelli contrasts her reflection and the need to slow down, to better understand ourselves and those around us. Her organic grids are nothing but shreds of infinite memories that we carry around and share with other people: impalpable, messy and almost chaotic representatives of our mistakes and our frailties.

Vite sospese, 2022 collant nero, filo di ferro e supporto di legno dorato, h165x122x30 cm

BIOGiulia Nelli (Legnano, 1992) graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts and obtained the IDEA master’s degree in Exhibition Design at the Milan Polytechnic. She has exhibited in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2022 she won the ninth edition of the Cramum Prize, carried out a bimonthly artist residence at Villa Greppi and created a personal exhibition at the Vittorio Leonesio Foundation. In the same year she created site-specific installations at the Textile Museum of Busto Arsizio and at the COSMO Space in Rome. Also in 2023 at the DAS – Experimental Arts Device in Bologna, at the GASC – Gallery of Sacred Contemporary Art of Villa Clerici in Milan and at Castel Belasi in Trento..

Legati a una terra ferita

The exhibition is in collaboration   with Cramum

Cramum is a non-profit project that has been supporting artistic excellence in Italy and around the world since 2012. The name was chosen precisely because it means “cream”, the best part (of milk) in Latin, the language from which Italian derives and on which our culture has been shaped. Cramum actively promotes exhibitions and cultural projects aimed at enhancing masters of contemporary art not yet known to the general public, although established in the art world.  Since 2014, under the artistic direction of Sabino Maria Frassà, Cramum has successfully undertaken a development plan of Corporate Social Responsibility projects in the artistic field, obtaining numerous awards including the Medal of the President of the Italian Republic in 2015. Cramum’s main project is the prize of the same name, which reached its tenth edition in 2023. @cramum

Thanks to Elly Calze for the tights used to create the works on display.