GIULIA SANTAMBROGIO “Lacrime, vestiti e nodi”

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: Vado a pescare, performance con Rete, 2022, Perugia

From Saturday 15 to Saturday 23 July

Opening Saturday 15 July at 5 pm
Opening hours: every day from 6 pm to 9 pm
Sunday 16, from Saturday 21 to Sunday 23 July also from 10 to 12 am

On the occasion of her solo exhibition ” Lacrime, vestiti e nodi” (“Tears, Clothes and Knots”) at the Canonica di San Salvatore in Barzanò, the artist exhibited three new installations and some recent works. Through the use of second-hand clothes, crocheted threads and unravelled skeins of wool, three different themes are tackled: the difficult relationship with the people around us, often seen as obstacles and difficult to trust; powerlessness in the face of dramatic events that are private or that affect the world; and the possibility of tying one’s personal story to that of others. During the opening hours of the exhibition, the artist will be present with the performance Matassa di noi.

Vado a pescare, performance con Rete, 2022, Perugia SCD Studio

Giulia Santambrogio. She lives and works in Brugherio, in the province of Monza.

She graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Disciplines of Cultural Heritage Enhancement with her thesis Si fa con la natura. From natural science museums to contemporary art. In 2021, she specialised in Visual Arts following the course in Painting, also at Brera, with a thesis project entitled Sono corpo (I am body), the product of pictorial and plastic research with deep theoretical foundations linked to contemporary dance. The pictorial research on the perception of one’s body – exterior and interior – soon opened up to experiments with textile materials and the creation of performances that investigate relationships with the outside world. She creates various ‘performance dresses’, textile sculptures that can be worn and activated through dance, giving the work different and new symbolic meanings.

Particolare di Compas para ofrecerse, 2022, cotone lavorato all'uncinetto
Giulia Santambrogio, Pensiero concluso 3, 25x25 cm, cotone
Giulia Santambrogio, Pensiero concluso 1, 25x25 cm, cotone