Giulia Spernazza: Vulnerabile

Italiano (Italian)

Curated by Cristian Porretta
Galleria d’arte FABER via dei Banchi Vecchi 31, 00186 Roma
from October 23 to Dicember 4  2021
uesday-Saturday 10: 00-19: 00. Sunday by appointmentInfo  tel 06 68808624 | |
Opening  saturday  23 october  11.00 – 22.00

The exhibition’s title underlines the most sensible part of the human being, our “blind zone”, a space we should observe and discover with care and compassion.

“Embracing our imperfections by transforming weaknesses into strengths, allowing vulnerability and overcoming fears by accepting the risk of being hurt, by exposing oneself without armour. Let emotions pass through and overflow. Show yourself for who you are, connect with others.”

From the difficult observation of our most intimate dark sides, we can witness as they melt, trying to reach an inner state of purity beyond the physical form and impermanence. So, the show opens with the series “Nodi/snodi”, developed in the last year and influenced by the complex situation generated by the pandemic, which we are still experiencing. The knot becomes the symbol of something not fully resolved emerging from the artist’s sensibility in forced loneliness.

Nodi in armonia 2021,cera e olio su tessuto,110x12cm

Therefore, the first artworks are static, suspended in time and space, dramatically subject to gravity. Proceeding, the viewers witness a slow disentanglement; every single work is at the same time the snapshot of an inner condition and the evidence of a process of becoming. Lightness is increasing; the matter becomes transparent, almost impalpable aiming to transcendency. This ascendant process is performed in the material shift, from textile to paper, and corresponding chromatic changes: from dark grey to ocher. In the final part of the exhibition, the atmosphere gains vivid, almost liquid shades; the works appear essential, and the space expands. Here, the paper emerges from the paraffin; transparencies, whites and delicate tones prevail.

VULNERABLE. Art is considered an expression of introspective research that investigates the ego’s depths, inviting the observers to encounter their frailties and manifest them with courage.

Nodi_snodi, dettaglio 2021,cera e olio su tessuto,180x90cm

serie Nodi-Snodi 2021. cera e tessuto 10 x 10 x 15 cm

Nodo nello spazio, dettaglio, 2021, cera e olio su tessuto, 100x120cm

Nodo nello spazio 2021, cera e olio su tessuto, 100x120cm

Giulia Spernazza, (Roma 1979) works at the Inside Fondamenta atelier #4 in Rome. She holds a degree in “Decorazione” from the Academy of fine art in Rome, 2008. In her works, the study of tonal values and composition balance merge with material experimentation. She focuses on conceptually driven research towards a natural and inner harmony ranging from textiles to wax sculptures.

Among her projects: in 2012, the collective exhibition “The Mystical Intimate of the Opera” at the Centrale Montemartini Museum (Rome); the Adrenalina Prize (2014) where he won the 1st prize in the Installation category; “Pure nature” at the FABER art gallery (2018); the Arteam cup Award, where she wins the residency at the MuSa (2019) and the collective exhibition “Ex-voto per arte received” at the Marino Marini Museum (Florence). In 2020 she had solo shows at the SCD Textile & Art Gallery in Perugia, “Memories to preserve”, and at the MuSa in Salò, “Strati d’animo”. Her works are part of the permanent collection of the Michetti Museum (Francavilla a Mare) and the Drawing Civic Collection in Salò.

Nucleo, 2021. cera su Tessuto e tarlatana 80 x 130 cm

serie Nodi-Snodi 2021. cera e tessuto 10 x 10 x 15 cm