Giulio Locatelli – VEXILLA

Italiano (Italian)

*Featured photo: Giulio Locatelli, FLYING CARPET, 2021, lana e lana, 15×7,5 m

Giulio Locatelli’s solo exhibition Vexilla is opening on Saturday 12 March at the Ghiggini 1822 Gallery in Varese. The show is accompanied by a critical analysis by designer Andrea Ciotti. The young artist from Bergamo presents a series of installations explicitly made for the exhibition out of woven wool thread. “Vexilla” wants to be highly up-to-date. With this show, Locatelli deals with current events as in work “NOTWAR” or reflects on the topic of community with the spectacular “FLYING CARPET”, a project curated in 2021 by Giovanni Berera, already presented at the Ex Ateneo di Scienze, Lettere e Arti in Bergamo. Furthermore, the exhibition is an opportunity to launch the celebrations of the Ghiggini Family’s 200 years of activity in Varese.

“Giulio Locatelli’s journey begins with the raw material used in making banners, namely the thread. A woollen thread that is patiently crafted by hand using the loom’s ancient techniques, a meticulous and slow weaving, distinguished by the precision and perfection of every detail. A thread that holds ties and entanglements, both of a material and metaphorical nature, for the construction of stories, relationships, bonds and participation. […] With this exhibition, Giulio Locatelli proposed a powerful founding gesture, a reflection based on history and propelled towards the future, a future that is difficult to foresee but is definitely rich in relationships”. (from the text by Andrea Ciotti)

Giulio Locatelli,

Giulio Locatelli (Bergamo 1993) graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His first solo exhibition entitled “Tracciati” was held in 2018 in “Sala Rossa”, Galleria Ghiggini, Varese. Afterwards, he participated in several shows such as: “Think BIG!”, curated by Francesca Canfora, Turin; “MINIARTEXTIL”, curated by Fondazione Sponga, Como; “Estroversioni”, Galleria Ghiggini, Varese. Over the years, the young artist has developed his research thanks to residency projects in Italy and abroad and has been a finalist in various competitions such as “Premio COMBAT”, “Premio ARTE LAGUNA”, “Premio GHIGGINIARTE”, “Premio NOCIVELLI”. In 2021, he created “FONDAMENTA”, a site-specific installation, in Galleria Ghiggini in Varese, on the occasion of “Varese Design Week”.

Giulio Locatelli, VESSILLO, 2022, tessitura mista e lana, 110X60 cm-dettaglio