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Gisella Meo Soft Squares



Gramma_Epsilon is a gallery located in the centre of Athens, born from the shared love of 20th century Italian art by its two founders, Paolo Cortese and Francesco Romano Petillo.

The mission of the gallery is to offer a series of thematic and monographic in-depth exhibitions with the aim of sparking interest in women artists, verbal-visual experiments, artists’ books and more generally on post-war avant-garde. Particular focus is given to women artists who, by choosing to experiment in total freedom, have not conformed to the traditional rules of the market.

Franca Sonnino, Thread, Sign, Space

Gramma_epsilon is connected with the independent Roman exhibition space Lettera_E Archive with which it shares the same mission. The ‘E’, in the Italian language represents the aspects of both joining and defining, itself being derived from the Greek letter ‘epsilon’. In its original Phoenician form, epsilon was represented by a pictogram, a sort of inverted E, whose meaning of “window” perfectly represents the dual role of the gallery: to establish a space for both viewing and exhibiting.

Paolo Cortese, collector, independent curator and co-founder of the Cortese & Lisanti gallery, currently collaborates with international galleries and public institutions. Since 20 years focuses on female-artists. He lives between Athens and Rome.

Gisella Meo Soft Squares

Francesco Romano Petillo, an expert on 20th century art, with a passion for archeology and classical culture, lives in Athens. He spent many years in London where he had a gallery in the East End, exhibiting young British artists.



8 MARZO – 10 GIUGNO 2023

On Wednesday 8 March at 18:00, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Gisella Meo Soft Squaressolo exhibition curated by Paolo Cortese and Manuela De Leonardis opens in Athens at the Gramma_Epsilon Gallery.

30 works are on display, including drawings, collages, interventions on photos, objects, installations, object books and artist’s books.

The exhibition starts with a selection of drawings made in 1965 that are part of the series called: Per merito di Beckett. (Thanks to Beckett)

The objects, shapes and volumes in these drawings re-appear in her work in the early 70s, when the artist’s work took a conceptual turn. From that moment on, in fact, Gisella Meo carried out rigorous research on the Module, which was to vary according to its context…read more

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