Grazia Inserillo: The weight of the blanket

Artist: Grazia Inserillo


Exhibition venue: Drago Contemporary Art Gallery, via Prigione 5, Bagheria (PA)
Dates: December 19, 2020 – February 28, 2021
Opening: Saturday 19th December, 6.00 pm
Hours: Tue / Thu / Sat from 17:00 to 20:00
Info and reservations mob. 339.6752646

The weight of the blanket was inaugurated on Saturday 19 December at 6:00 pm at the Drago Arte Contemporanea Gallery, a personal exhibition by the artist Grazia Inserillo.

The exhibition documents the artist’s research path that began four years ago: the entire body of work aims to narrate the intimate experience of memory, a catalysing element of imperfect memories and suggestions. The weight of the blanket, therefore, is configured as a large family portrait, where the ancient tradition of embroidery is literally transformed into a stitch that blocks, without any pretense of tracing, an experience that cannot be forgotten. Indeed, it must be guarded like the sleep of  who lies under the blanket. In the same way we dream or remember, each sign appears out of focus and evokes images that are stratified between the subtle veils of the unconscious which, settling into the texture of the fabrics, force a constant search for identity.

The weight of the blanket is a journey through time that widens and expands through an identity bond, which spreads through the ways of the most intimate thought overlapping, arrogantly, the past. Annotations of places and spaces already lived in, which in their evanescent transience, show off all the weight of lived lives.

“Gioiello” (part.) Copyright Grazia Inserillo

“Interludio” (part.) Copyright Grazia Inserillo

“In germe” (part.) Copyright Grazia Inserillo

“Interludio” (part.) Copyright Grazia Inserillo