“Hand in Hand”: Fendi showcases the finest Italian craftsmanship

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From Saturday 30 October to Sunday 28 November, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana hosts the exhibition dedicated to the “Hand in Hand” project. Presented in 2020 and in constant evolution, Hand in Hand enhances regional excellence to celebrate traditional culture and ancient knowledge handed down from hand to hand. The exhibition develops through the exhibition of the exclusive Baguettes of the project and the projection of images and videos that guide the viewer on a journey to discover Italy and its craft shops. Physical access to the exhibition is free but with reservations required

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The excellences of Italian craftsmanship presented in the exhibition, divided by region:

Sicily a true work of art in silver and coral made in Trapani, one of the living treasures of Unesco

Liguria, Campo Ligure,processing of the silver filigree

Trentino Alto Adige,embroidery with peacock feathers, “Federkielstickerei” in German

Valle d’Aosta, hand weaving of hemp

Piemonte,ricamo a “bandera” con fili di cotone e lana su tessuto a nido d’ape

Emilia,micro-tiles cut by hand according to the ancient tradition of Ravenna mosaics in glass and stone

Lombardia,the transformation of the Baguette into a small trunk by Valigeria Bertoni

Campania,the ancient tradition of the “Tarsia Sorrentina

Lazio, the ancient technique of the Roman tradition of “granulation

Abbruzzo, the “tombolo Aquilano” lace made according to the secular technique

Veneto, the floral brocade made on authentic Jacquard looms

Umbria, precious fabrics inspired by medieval design according to the Perugian tradition

Toscana, the Baguette made with a single piece of leather according to the ancient Florentine tradition

Puglia, the “chiacchierino” technique for the execution of ethereal floral motifs

Marche, soft intertwined willow branches

Molise, the famous ivory white lace …

Calabria, broom fibers and natural dye

Sardegna, a contemporary interpretation of the double-sided pibiones motifs

Basilicata, splendid openwork embroidery on precious linen cloths

Friuli Venezia Giulia, elegant motifs inspired by alpine flora and woven in linen and cotton