Chiara Cordoni

Italiano (Italian)

I was born in Rome and already as a child I traveled a lot, I lived abroad for many years, and the taste of different cultures, languages, colors, customs and arts has fueled my natural curiosity for all that is art, color and expression. After I graduated at the Interpreters School I started working as technical translator, and this is still my job.

In parallel, to give voice to my creativity, I studied painting, I got close to the colorful world of crochet and knitting, and only recently I started to sew, and to learn patchwork and quilting. I just started exploring this world and I am already captured! This is how I approached the Scuola Romana Quilting and I recently started a cooperation with ArteMorbida, revising and translating articles.

This experience gives me the possibility to join my work and my hobbies, and thanks to the articles I learn plenty. I not only rediscover my job as a translator, but I am also more and more eager to experiment with textile arts!